Tales of Vesperia~The First Strike~PV and ToS OVA-Tethe'alla arc site now up!

The Official Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ site updated with it's first PV.

 It seems like this was the same PV that was shown during the Tales of Festival. From the video, you can see that there seems to be two of the orange-haired knight... twins perhaps?*cough*replica*cough*

In other news, the Official site or the Tales of Symphonia OVA - Tethe'alla arc is now up. Nothing much in there except a nice pic of Colette and "Coming 2010 spring...!!"

EDIT: Added new images of the Tales FestivalToV ~The First Strike~ andTales of Graces. The coverage of the Festival doesn't really have anything really important to note about, so I won't be translating the coverage anymore. -a745