Tales of VS. Director's Corner Video 8 + One Network Special Battle Revealed

The Director's Corner of the Tales of VS. site showing Cless and Stahn performing combos (It seems like the Director loves me... all his updates end up in my hands *insert maniacal laugh*).

Tales of VS. Director's Video 8 Message:
»»» "To commemorate VS.'s near release, I decided to use Cless and Stahn, the first two heroes of the whole Tales of Series. The Majinken combo technique I performed with Caius before can also be applied with Cless, as shown here. Cless however, is slower than Caius, so to make it work, the Majinken attack is followed by Kuukan Shouten'i (a.k.a. Lunge). This is immediately followed by 3 normal attacks, a Majinken canceled near the end with Overlimit, have Cless transfer to the other side of the enemy, 3 more normal attacks, and a combo of a higher arte -> normal arte -> higher arte pattern. This is then followed by Cless's hi-ougi. The only downside with this combo is that it can't be executed in an area with little space.

"With Stahn, I performed a combo utilizing the wall again. I used a series of normal attacks and artes to send Cless flying against the wall and bouncing back towards Stahn. For some of the artes though, I actually had to wait for Cless to somewhat touch the ground again. After Overlimit, I used the Hourglass item around the time Cless is in the air. I had to use it because of Explode's casting time. You can, however, get around this by customizing Stahn's casting speed with your Grade Points in the Edit Mode. This is then followed by an arte to trigger Overlimit."

The new Tales of VS. scan above was revealed a while back, but I would like to clarify what it actually does, for some sources got it wrong. The scan has the password, "JUMPSPBATTLEWJVJ", which you will use in the Networks option under the game's supposed "Infrastructure Mode" (check previous post). BUT this code won't let you just simply download the Cotton Candyweapon being shown in the scan. The scan says that the password will allow you access to the Special Battle that will let you win the Cotton Candy. Only upon winning the Special Battle will you get the Special Weapon, just like how it was stated in the recently revealed Network Special Battles system video.