Tales of VS. First TV Commercial Out - Listen to a bit of Be your wings

The first commercial for Tales of VS. is now out.

The commercial has a few fighting scenes, a few of the anime scenes from the game's opening, and a little part of the opening song, "Be your wings" by GIRL NEXT DOOR. Also, though unclear, it seems Caius Qualls's signature weapon can be seen in one of the anime scenes.

At the end, you'll see the cover of the pre-order bonus Dramatic DVD. The cover has Alice, Saleh, Raven and Legretta (Regret) on the cover, with the CD having Magnius on it. Hm, seems like it's going to be an interesting pre-order bonus.

By the way, the Be your wings single comes out on August 5th, right before the game's actual release (August 6th). This is a common thing about the games, with the theme song's single coming out a day before the actual game.

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