Tales of VS. - Ruca and Asch's Character Videos + Director's Corner Video 1

The Tales of VS. Official Site has been updated with character videos for Asch and Ruca Milda.

aschvid rucavid dvid1

aschartrucaartAsch performs his hi-ougi, ????? (Kouga Meishouzan, Rending Saber), while Ruca performs his hi-ougi, ????? (Maou Shakumetsujin)... and gets pummeled by the others at the same time... Poor, poor Ruca T_T. Shame on the others, bullying the little guy.

In addition, remember that little thing that drops down from above the official site? Most of us believe it's someone wearing a Katz costume... but I think it's just been revealed exactly who that is. Clicking that icon will lead you to the Director's Corner, where the game's director himself has left this message and a video (click the thumbnail above to see the video):

"Nice to meet you. I'm Tales of VS.'s director. The producer told me to "make an official page for yourself" or something like that, so I made this corner.

Whenever I feel like it, I will be introducing new information I feel like sharing, without offending anyone in the staff with "too much" information leaked out. (actually I'm thinking of just releasing combo videos).

The first is a scene of Leon and Jade doing combos I felt like doing. Though I chose these characters and their opponents, bear in mind that I was not being biased in choosing them, nor had any ill intentions for choosing them. It's true.

Though Leon already made an attack from the ground and is then in the air, he is still able to perform another attack. So yes, you can perform attacks in the air.

Jade's part uses the Cancel skill to perform combos. In ToVS, some equipped skills can make you switch back from using ougis to special skills, and from special skills, you can switch to using ougis to normal artes. You'd be able to move in the stage to your tastes.

Ah? The skills presentation isn't enough? No need to fret about it, this corner really is just like that. Well then, till next time!"

It looks like the said section will be updated from time to time. Look forward to it. By the way, YouTube underwent a little update with its HQ videos system. They claim to have "made the flv streaming a better quality", hence, if the quality of the flv produced from your video isn't that far-off from your original's quality, the system will no longer bother to make an "HQ" version available for viewing. You'll notice from these videos that they no longer have the HQ option, and I'm not going to upscale those character videos, that'll just ruin their quality.

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