Tales of Xillia Allows Swap Between Characters In And Out Of Battle

Tales of Xillia introduces two new features to the series: the characters' HP/TP/AC gauge bars arranged in a cross in battle, and switching between characters in and out of battle.

This little snippet is something I missed in the previous news post. As you can see from the scan, the HP/TP/AC gauge bars of the characters when in battle are arranged in a cross. It seems the character on the top of the cross is the one being controlled. This time also, you can now also switch a character in battle with that of one in the reserve, or outside of battle. This can be done with the D-Pad, wherein its directions correspond to the parts of the cross arrangement. As an example, the scan shows Milla switching with Jude. When performed, this will then trigger a Fighting Chat dialogue. This character switch feature cannot be done if the character you're trying to switch is dead.

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