Tales of Xillia Features 360° Revolving Point of View For Towns and Dungeons?

From the looks of the screenshots of Tales of Xillia that have been released so far, it seems highly possible that the game will feature a 360-degree revolving point of view, both for towns and for dungeons.


I'm sure those of us who are really keen on details may have noticed this already, but I'd just like to point this out to everyone. From the screenshots above, we get to see a small radar-like map of the area the character's in on the upper left side. If you will look closely at the icon representing the character, an indication of where he/she is facing is also present. With the interface and design of the said map, it seems highly possible that Tales of Xillia has the feature of having a full 360-degree point of view even in places such as towns and dungeons.

This is still not confirmed though, since some screenshots, even the latest ones, do not contain the map. It could be because it is still under development, or maybe certain actions makes the map disappear for a while, such as doing actions in the dungeons using the circle button,running, or simply just standing around for too long. I myself think it's still being tweaked and such, hence the inconsistencies in the shots.

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