Tales of Xillia New Game Features & iDOLM@STER 2 DLC Costumes *UPDATED

There is apparently a 4-page spread about Tales of Xillia in this month's issue of Famitsu magazine. The article talks about a new feature in the game and Idolmaster 2 DLC costumes for Milla, Leia and Elise. No actual scans have surfaced yet, though. UPDATE: The scans have been added.


The new system feature is called ??????? ("ririaruoobu", I seriously have no idea how to properly romanize this). Apparently, each of the party members have this item that unlocks their skills named a ??????? (Liliale Orb, maybe?). Leveling up (or raising) this item enables the characters to obtain new artes and to increase their status parameters. This uses up Grow Up Points or GP ( ?????????? ) which is obtained from battle in order to level up.

This orb system is actually composed of six "nodes" or divisions. Depending on which node is leveled up, varying effects can be obtained. One of the JP bloggers describes the thing as something like a web. Crossing over those lines for each node enables the character to learn a new arte. Each character has a beginning build you can work on, but as you level them up, you can practically change how they are completely. The nodes are:

Attack - affects physical attack strength. Makes guard breaking enemies easier.
Defense - affects defense against physical attacks. Makes guard breaking your character harder to do.
Magic Attack/Intelligence - affects strength of magic attacks. Increases probability of changing enemy state (?)
Resistance - affects defense against magic attacks. Makes it hard to change your own current state (?)
Agility - affects speed of movement in battle. Affects power of some artes.
Dexterity - affects rate of landing critical hits against and stunning enemies. Affects power of some artes.

And of course, the article apparently introduces new DLC costumes for Milla, Leia and Elise. The costumes are from three characters of Namco Bandai's iDOLM@STER 2 which was released this February. We have no scans yet, but sources say Milla gets a Shijou Takane costume, Leia a Hibiki Ganaha costume and Elise a Haruka Amami costume.

Aside from that, the article shows some Link Artes which were in the system trailer, specifically Element 4 for Milla and Leia, Cataract Blade (?) for Milla and Jude and ????? for Jude and Alvin.

We'll update this post once scans are up. With the number of bloggers that have posted about this, though, the info is pretty much confirmed legitimate. Scans have now been added.

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