Tales of Xillia Will Have Two Different Opening Movies

This just in from Tales of Festival 2011. Tales of Xillia will have two different opening movies.

Yesterday, in Day 1 of Tales of Festival 2011, Namdai showed what everyone thought to be the game's opening movie. Today, another opening movie was shown. Namdai explained that the opening that was shown yesterday was in fact the Milla version opening. The one that was shown today was the Jude version. It seems the opening changes depending on which path you take at the game's beginning, though this hasn't been confirmed yet.

With the game having two openings, fans are even speculating that the game just might have two different endings too, depending on the path taken.

This info is from various Tweets of people in Japan who went to the ToF2011. All of their posts match up, so it's safe to assume the information is legit.

Pre-orders for the game are now available on Play-Asia!

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