Tales of Graces f Updates - New Screen Shots, Videos, Dungeons and Monsters

Various new screen shots and information regarding Tales of Graces f have surfaced from different sites. We've uploaded a total of 27 new game screen shots and a few concept art images. The official ToG-f site has been updated with new screen shots of the Accelerate Mode and character videos for Cheria Barnes, Malik Caesars and Richard. Concept art of Richard's new costumes and some new monsters available in the post-ending arc have also been added here.

ToG-F1 ToG-F2 ToG-F3 ToG-F4
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The new screen shots have all been uploaded to our gallery. They are mainly screens showing Cheria's, Malik's and Richard's new Blast Calibers, along with screen shots of the different characters' Accelerate Mode in action.

ToG-F5 ToG-F6 ToG-F7 ToG-F8
Above are screen shots of two new dungeons to explore in ToG-f. The two on the left are screens of the previously revealed "Otherworld Paradise" dungeon, an unnaturally beautiful scenery of blooming flowers and growing trees, brimming with life, though its atmosphere feels odd and dangers may lurk. To the right are screens of a new dungeon, "Arles Laboratory", a huge Arles research facility with humanoid specimens at its walls.

Lastly, gaming sites report that the game demo will be out on October instead of this September. They gave no reason as to why the demo release date was moved. The game itself will be available on December 2, 2010 for a price of roughly $100. Some shopping sites have already opened pre-orders for the game.

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