Tales of Zestiria: More Info on Edna and The Characters' Fighting Styles (UPDATED)

New information about the recently revealed character Edna has just been released in Famitsu magazine, along with a bit of information on how Slay and Alicia fight. Updated: Full scans added thanks to @Kurushii.

New screenshots are also up on Famitsu's own website. You can view them here.

So let's start off with what we know from our previous post. Edna is designed by Minoru Iwamoto, the same person responsible for the designs in the Radiant Mythology series. She's voiced by Misato Fukuen and is 145cm in height with a parasol as a weapon. She has been living alone all this time in a mountain called "Reiforc" and has high distrust of humans.

A new quote of hers in the magazine says "Chasing after a legend, believe in myself, you say? Your way of asking out a girl is from a wrong era. You have zero persuasion powers." The magazine notes that Edna's outer sweet appearance is a stark contrast from her somewhat robotic and mature personality. Though she loves to tease people with her wicked words, perhaps this could actually be her own longing to be with other people?

Despite being always calm, she tends to lose herself when it's about her older brother, her only living family, and she then becomes emotional. The little mascot thing hanging from her umbrella is Normin ( ????, norumin ), but as to why she has it, that might take a long conversation.

On to the fighting. Slay's fighting style is mainly based on this ceremonial sword he found in the ruins, and he focuses on quick attacks. He has many artes that accompany his movements which allow for a diverse range of attacks. Combined with knowing the enemy's weakness and his powerful artes, he has a well-rounded fighting style.

Despite having a lance or spear taller than her, Alicia's still able to perform fast attacks against enemies. She can coordinate her steps after an attack and perform artes, thereby keeping an advantageous standpoint in battle. She combines traditional skills with dynamic movements, making evasion and attacks together possible.

As you can see, we don't have "full" scans as of yet. We'll update this post once they're available.