New Tales of Asteria Information and Trailer

A new character for Tales of Zestiria has just been introduced in the latest issue of Weekly Jump: Edna.

Edna ( ???, edona, romanization not yet official)

    • Height: 145cm
    • Weapon: Umbrella/parasol
    • Voiced by: Misato Fukuen
    • Character Design by: Minoru Iwamoto (Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology)
    • "I hate humans. They're selfish and so emotional. They only come to us when they're in trouble... what a bother.


  • - Edna is a one of the Divine (Tenzoku) that has been living all alone in the sacred mountain called "Reiforc" ( ??????, reiforuku ). Though usually indifferent, she likes stirring up people with her words. She's really wary against humans and does not trust them. She uses Earth element Divine Arts.

A new PV for the mobile game tales of Asteria is now available:

This PV features the theme song by Do As Infinity entitled "believe in you". It also reveals the six chosen characters of the game as mentioned in this post. They are Milla Maxwell, Cress Albane, Luke fon Fabre, Sophie, and Lloyd Irving. The video also shows its game modes in action such as the "Tap Action" mode which features 3D models of the characters and enemies, and the "Cross Slide Battle" mode which looks more like a traditional turn based game.

The website has also been updated every Sunday ever since it was revealed last month. It contains character pages of five of the chosen six, its story (which was also covered in the news post linked earlier.), and the world the game takes place in among other topics. We might have translations on this soon (if a745 has time, she currently has finals--wish her the best!).

Tales of Asteria will be released sometime in 2014 for iOS and Android devices.