Tales of Zestiria's Alisha Gets A DLC About What Happens To Her After The Game

The latest issue of Jump has just announced that Tales of Zestiria's Alisha will be getting an "after episode" story DLC.

Starting February 12, 2015, the Alisha After Episode entitled "What's Reflected in Her Eyes" will be released, featuring Alisha in a completely new costume which also modifies even her in-game model, her status and skit/chat artwork. The story takes place after the game, apparently, and features a story arc about Alisha being your main protagonist, with Rose tagging along. As of the moment, there are no indications if the other characters will be there.

To celebrate Tales of Zestiria having sold 400,000 copies in Japan so far, the DLC will be free for the first two weeks (from February 12 to February 28 ). After that, it will then be available for it's official retail price of 1,300 Yen.

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