TotA 17 + Tales Community Updates

Hey, we're back ^__^. Aka suddenly came back, and he's done with 17. He said he'll have 18 by Thursday or Friday, and as of now, our back-up encoder is working on 19 ^__^. Expect us to catch up soon =3.

Anyway, here's episode 17. And the DDL server is currently down, so you'll have to go with MegaUpload for now =(. Bots now available ( There's also a note after the opening regarding Jade's Thunder Blade arte in this episode.

HD 1280x720 - NyaaTorrents | DaTorrents | MegaUpload | xdcc [Abyss]Tear #34

SD 704x400 - NyaaTorrents | DaTorrents | MegaUpload | xdcc [Abyss]Tear #35


We'd also like to welcome new additions to the fansub team~. They'll be backing us up from now on, so hopefully, our releases will be faster.

ashye - encoder
Agressor - AFX typesetter
Atherant - Karaoke FX

Welcome to AC ^__^/

Also, members of the Tales of Community are entitled to item downloads for RM2. The items include School Shoes (boots), Order of Lorelei Sword(1H sword), a Long Leek (1H sword), Mackerel (dagger) and Angel Suit(armor). More screenshots here (Info courtesy of sukotsuto).

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