Tales of Zestiria's Monsters Are Born From Humans' Impure Desires

The latest issue of VJump Magazine tells a little bit more about how the world of Tales of Zestiria works - specifically, how its monsters work.

From our previous post on the premise of Tales of Zestiria, we reported that the main reason Slay is being kept within the Forest of the Divine is that his high level of Spirit Powers makes him an easy target for the Hyouma ( ?? ), or what is meant to be the impurities of their world.

VJump further elaborates that the Hyouma aren't just impurities, but rather, the actual monsters within the game. These monsters are apparently born from the bad or impure desires or lust of humans. What happens is that the humans' impure thoughts affect or corrupt normal creatures in the world, thereby turning them into monsters or Hyouma.

VJump's example above actually says this: When a human has an impure thought, such as in their example, "World domination!!!" It will affect or corrupt other creatures, such as a wild boar, and will turn it into a Hyouma.

The funny thing about this is that the Hyouma, these impurities, are invisible to humans. What they see when they look at one is only normal scenery. They are, however, visible to all the Tenzoku/Divine and to Doushis/Priests. And if the previous reports on how Slay was raised has been any indication, he's most probably a Priest too and is obviously able to see them. This now raises the question of why Alicia's able to see them... or at least, we think she sees them, since she's been shown fighting a monster in our last Zesty update. Or maybe that's not a Hyouma?

In any case, VJump also focuses a bit on Edna. We're not sure if it's speculation on VJump's part or anything, but they mention that the single glove Edna is wearing is used to hide something... but what?

And to those wondering what the diagram at the top left of the scan is, it's just a summary of what we know so far about the other characters. It's a summary of what we know so far: Slay loves ruins, Alicia's a princess who's become a knight, Mikulio's a level-headed Tenzoku. Slay met Alicia in the ruins, Slay and Mikulio are childhood friends, Alicia can't see Mikulio, Mikulio's curious about Alicia being the first human besides Slay he's ever encountered.

Note that this was actually already in the previous Famitsu post, I just overlooked it because of finals. Sorry about that!

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