Tales of Zestiria the X Season Two Airing January 8, 2017, New Commercial, New Opening and Ending Details

Check out the new ending theme in this new commercial!

Tales of Zestiria the X returns this January 2017, along with a new opening and ending!

The official Tales of Zestiria the X Twitter has just announced that the second season of Tales of Zestiria the X will air this January 2017! This new info was apparently announced first during the Tales of Orchestra Concert 2016. The full airing schedules for the first episode in Japan are as follows:

  • Tokyo MX - January 8, 2017 at 23:00 JST (11PM)
  • BS11 - January 10, 2017 at 24:30 JST (12:30MN)
  • KBS Kyoto - January 11, 2017 at 25:00 JST (01:00AM)
  • Sun TV - January 11, 2017 at 24:30 JST (12:30MN)
  • TV Aichi - January 14, 2017 at 26:50 JST (02:50AM)

Aside from TV channels, it will also be available online for Japan via Nico Live and Abema TV for free, and via the Bandai Channel, dAnimeStore, U-NEXT, Anime Unlimited and hulu for paid starting January 11, 2017. There's no news yet on simulcasts via Funimation and DAISUKI, but since they handled season 1, they're sure to announce their airings soon.

A new commercial was also released, check it out below:

The new commercial features this new season's new ending theme, "INNOSENSE" by FLOW. FLOW was also the one who sang the opening for season one, entitled "Kaze no Uta" (Song of the Wind).

INNOSENSE will be released as a single on February 8, 2017 and will be available as a Regular CD edition, Limited Edition CD+DVD and a Limited Animation Edition CD+DVD. Pre-orders are currently available at the following shops:

The new opening theme for season two will be by Minami (Minami Kuribayashi). She sang opening themes for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Infinite Stratos, and ending themes for Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars. The new opening theme hasn't been announced yet.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 1 Japan Blu-ray Box

As a reminder, the Tales of Zestiria the X Blu-ray Box which contains the season 1 episodes will be released this December 22, 2016 for Japan. The bundle includes a lot of goodies and some shop-exclusive stuff. Unfortunately, most shops don't ship them overseas, with the exception of Amazon Japan selling it at 34,560 Yen.

The Blu-ray Box includes the following:

  • Blu-ray disc 1 and 2 containing all 12 episodes of season 1
  • Special blu-ray disc which contains:
    • Tales of Zestiria: Dawn of the Shepherd
    • Non-credit Zestiria X opening and ending videos
    • Zestiria X trailers and commercials collection
    • Season 2 announcement video
    • Episode #00 and #12 unaired next episode previews
    • Episode #05 and #06 for movie screening version (slightly different from TV broadcast version)
  • Tales of Asteria and Tales of Link collaboration illustration card
  • Special booklet

The official site limited edition, priced at 36,000 Yen tax exclusive, contains the above mentioned items plus the following items:

  • High detail portrait illustrations drawn by Mutsumi Inomata, Kosuke Fujishima, Daigo Okumura and Minoru Iwamoto respectively.
  • Special Screening Disc - Video coverage of the screening events held last June 25, 2016 and August 5, 2016.
  • Tales of Zestiria the X Special Music CD
  • Special storage box
  • Special two-sided Blu-ray jacket

The Amazon Japan Limited Edition is priced at 34,560 Yen tax inclusive and contains the above mentioned common Blu-ray box content plus the following items:

  • Drama CD "Hot Breath: Recollecting the Journey - Alisha, Rose, Lailah and Edna version.
  • LP-size disc storage case featuring Alisha and Edna art by Daigo Okumura and Minoru Iwamoto on the front and Rose and Lailah art by Bandai Namco Studio on the back.

The Animate Japan Limited Edition is priced at 34,560 Yen tax inclusive and contains the above mentioned common Blu-ray box content plus the following items:

  • Drama CD "Hot Breath: Recollecting the Journey - Sorey, Mikleo, Dezel and Zaveid version.
  • Rubber straps of Sorey and Mikleo featuring art by Bandai Namco Studio.

Buying the Blu-ray Box from Ufotable Web Shop gets you a can badge set of three for the regular version, and the following benefits for the Ufotable Limited Edition:

  • New video work "The Shepherd's Day Off" (tentative title) DVD
  • Technical Works Book
  • All main characters poster (4 types, random)
  • Main staff autographed deca post card (3 types, random)
  • Can badge set (3 types)

And lastly, buying the Blu-ray Box from Lalabit Market will get you this Sorey and Mikleo acrylic stand set.

With the exception of Amazon Japan, all those shops do not ship overseas. You can buy them if you have a friend in Japan, or you can use a proxy to order the item for you for a fee and then have it shipped to you. We personally recommend FromJapan for all your proxy needs.

Tales of Zestiria the X
Tales of Zestiria the XThe Tales of Zestiria the X anime (read as “the Cross”) is a TV series adaptation of Tales of Zestiria that was first announced during Tales of Festival 2015 as the “Tales of 20th Anniversary Animation”. The animation is done by ufotable. The first season aired during Summer 2016, with a second season confirmed for 2017. Its tagline is “The Journeys of the Shepherd go beyond Zestiria,” and shows hints of connections with Tales of Berseria

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