ToH, TotA Anime, ToS-DotNW Updates

The Tales of Hearts update includes a few new screenshots from the two trailers shown at the ToF.

You'll get too see the appearance of a new character here, which pretty much fits the description of the "sleeping princess in the thorny forest with emerald hair." It seems that the two trailers shown then were actually for the Tokyo Game Show, but they went on ahead and showed it. The ToH main site has also been updated with the opening of the developer's blog (a translation by Rpgmonkey can be foundhere). They reveal that this time, the opening movie will utilize both screens of the DS.

As mentioned in the previous post, the ToF also had an advanced screening of the Tales of the Abyss anime. Here, we get to see scenes up until Luke and Tear getting a ride on the coach. It also shows that the ending song will have a whole lot of Mieu in it.

For ToS-DotNW, a new hands-on article has been put up by GameSpot, giving us their opinions on the game. They state here that the skits will be voiced this time around too (thanks to Danette-Anime-Otaku for pointing this out =D). Also, GoNintendo has revealed the US Boxart, which is actually just the Japanese boxart with the US logo slapped on to it.

Speaking of ToS, they actually showed the new installment of Kratos-sensei's Private Lesson (it's supposed to be with the Blu Ray Box) during the festival, as well as a mini trailer of the Tethe'alla Arc. Click the gallery links below to see them.

Gallery for Tales of Festival:
|| Tales of Festival (new images)
|| Tales of the Abyss (advanced screening)
|| Tales of Hearts (2 new trailers' images)
|| Tales of Symphonia the Animation (Kratos' Private Lesson and Tethe'alla arc)

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