ToV Updates + Site Updates

Aside from the Flynn Scifo wallpapers, the Tales of Vesperia Official Site has also updated their site with the System page. It shows a few new screenshots, better quality screenshots (scroll down) of a few we had before, plus info on the Material Gathering, Item Synthesis, and Weapon Skills system of the game. We've already posted this info before, but just for a refresher:

1. Materials can be gathered in two ways: monster/enemy drops or via finding them on the world map (kind of like search points).
2. In town, merchants have an extra menu for synthesis, where you can use the materials you gathered to synth new items. A good number of weapons can only be obtained via synthesis.
3. Equipping some weapons/accessories enable you to use a skill that the item has. In due time, once you've accumulated enough Learning Points (LP), you have now learned the skill without having to equip the weapon/accessory.
4. Using a learned skill earns you Skill Points (SP), which you can allocate to other skills to learn them.

As for the site updates:
|| New in-depth Tales of the Abyss review by TalesGamer added. (Thank you ^_^/, can be accessed from the Tales of the Abyss page)
|| New Tales of Symphonia FAQ/Walkthrough by vinheim added. (Thank You ^_^/, can be accessed from the Tales of Symphonia page)
|| New affiliate, Chocobo-mb, a site gallery of various media such as avatars, sigs, etc.
|| Fanfiction Section updated
|| Fanart Section updated
|| Avatars Section updated
|| Signatures Section updated
|| Wallpapers Section updated
|| Flynn Scifo wallpaper added to gallery - 1280x1024 | 1024x768 (Full view is your friend)

Expect more updates in the coming days. I'm feeling industrious ;P

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