ToVS. 2nd Trailer Out (ToF '09 PV-with Downloads) + Director's Corner Video 2

The Tales of VS. Official Site has been updated with the game's second released trailer. This was also the trailer shown during the Tales of Festival last June 14.


The trailer shows the various features of the game that we have already previously tackled (Yggdrasill Battle, up to 4-player battles in Correspondence Mode, Character Customization, the 2D Tales of Wallbreaker, etc.) as well as some footage of the anime scenes. Click the thumbnail above to view it. Downloads are below, as usual.

Tales of VS. Trailer 2 Download - HQ 1Mbps | LQ 500kbps

tovps3artIn other news, we have added a (very) high quality image ofTales of Vesperia PS3's box art illustration
 Please click the image once in the gallery to see it in full view. Enjoy ^_^.



director'svid2EDIT:Tales of VS. Director's Corner also updated with Richter's and Kongman's combo videos~ Translations will be done once a745's not busy. -LaZyEnErGeTiC



EDIT#2: Translations of the new Tales of VS. character information will also be put up once a745's no longer busy suspicious.gif (it's currently 4am here, give me until 1pm, once I've returned from school... yes I'm still awake) - a745


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