Updates We Missed - Tales Festival + A Whole Lot of Vesperia

I humbly apologize for the late updates, but I just had my preliminaries (actually, they're not over yet. Someone save me T_T), so updates have been halted.

Dhaos returns as a battle cameo! Dhaos returns as a battle cameo! EGM Advertisement EGM Advertisement NA Boxart...? Skit faces! Costumes... ...and attachments galore!
First off, we start with the announcement of the upcoming Tales of Festival! The event will be held on September 23rd, a Tuesday, at the Bunkyo Hall in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. Doors open at 2pm, event starts at 3pm, and event ends at 5:30pm (planned to anyway). Their main attractions will be more info on Tales of Hearts and the Tales of the Abyss anime. A whole bunch of the Tales characters' voice actors will also be there to perform (click full story for the whole list). The ticket will be at 3,990 Yen (roughly $36), and online ticket orders can be made by August 1. Tales merchandise will also be on sale there.

Next, we move on to Vesperia updates. The ToV Blog has been updated with cute screenshots of the characters with their costumes and attachments (click thumbnails). It seems that costumes and attachments can be used together, but not all combinations will work (check below).

New Famitsu scans show a surprise cameo battle... our favorite time travelling Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia! Click the thumbnails above to check them out. Famitsu has also given the game their score, and it has scored a 9/9/9/8, adding up to 35/40. The thread says that the Famitsu 360 score is 9/9/8/8 (34/40), while the Famitsu as a whole score is the 35/40.Kouli has summarized a few tidbits in that review. Please click full view to view them.

If you have a copy Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), you'll see an advertisement for Tales of Vesperia there, showcasing new group official art (click thumbnails above). You'll probably recall this art in the video of Dennis Lee's interview, since there was a poster of it on the wall behind him XD. At the bottom of the scan you'll see the URL www.talesRPG.com, but it's yet to be revealed what the site will actually be.

It seems that the Vesperia NA boxart. has been leaked by Walmart. Looking at it though, I have a few qualms myself if this is really the official boxart, or if Walmart just grabbed this from a fanart site somewhere. I was actually expecting the group official art above to be the boxart. So let's just wait until the boxart is released officialy.

Lastly, Rpgmonkey has posted low quality scans of the Vesperia characters' skit faces. You'll find them at the gallery (Judith's is in the previous page). I've also added a few new screenshots from various other gaming sites, so just check them at the last pages of the ToV Screenshots Gallery. There's a screenshot there of the blonde-haired kid we've been seeing with Flynn, his name's Yodel.

I will still be inactive for a while because my prelims won't end until Tuesday... plus the fact that starting midterms we will be having exams on Zoology 2 every other meeting, and failing even a single Zoology exam is not an option for me D=.

P.S. If you will be using the contact us page to tell us something, please put a valid subject, as I tend to delete all those with a subject such as "SNJBFSIOPFSN," 'cause I usually assume them as spambots wanting to sell me drugs >_>.

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