More Information On Asbel From The Tales of Graces Scans~

It looks like there were still more information for us in those recent scans of Tales of Graces, and Yume Hanabi translated all this just for us *hugs* ^__^/

The city of Lhant from the Kingdom of Windol can be found situated at the border between Windol itself and Fendel, and this is where Asbel spent his peaceful childhood with his friends. Hideo Baba says that until now, main characters always somehow got involved in the story's crisis, but here, Asbel moves according to his beliefs, and is already the established leader among his companions. For his design, they asked Inomata to draw someone who looked "decent and straightforward".

|| Asbel Lhant
~ "When I left home, I made a vow. I don't want to lose anyone anymore. For that, I'm going to become stronger."
~ Asbel is the eldest son of the feudal lord of Lhant. An incident in his past made him want to become stronger, so he entered a Knights training school for this. He is now 18, and has proved his worth as a courteous young knight. It has always been his dream to become a knight, but now that his father is dead, he must abandon this dream and take on the position as Lhant territory's next feudal lord.

Scans reposted 'cause Asbel definitely needs a news post dedicated to him alone~

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