Vesperia Updates + RPGamer's ToV Contest!

For the Vesperia updates, Tales of Vesperia Mainsite has been updated with info on the guild members of Leviathan's Claws (Iegar, Gauche and Droite [French for left and right]), a few new battle screenshots (some of which have already been shown in other sites) and info on the cooking system (Wonder chef) and the skits system (they have pictures of the skits there, added here). I've also added the new screenshots from the ToV Developer's Blog to their respective screenshot galleries.

Aside from that, the campaign page of the main site will be holding a somewhat mini-contest for those who will be purchasing the Japanese version of the game (not sure if they have to be preorders), starting August 7 until September 30 of this year. In the Japanese ToV copies will be a small questionnare and a stamp. Just send that in and you're eligible to join, although this contest seems to be Japan only, but I'm not entirely sure. The prizes are:

Prize A: Tales of Vesperia Game Script with autographs of the Japanese voice actors (will be given to 3 lucky people)
Prize B: Tales of Vesperia character posters (8 per set, will be given to 1000 people)
Prize C: Tales of Vesperia Face Plate Seal (will be given to 1000 people)

On August 18 also marks the start of the usual game survey the site holds, and as usual it will be having a special wallpaper as a reward for those who'll answer the survey.

Also, check out this Famitsu blog to get a glimpse of Repede's hi-ougi and hi-ougi cut-in. As of now, it's only named "????" so it seems the name hasn't been given yet (unless that's the actual name, then wth...?

RPGamer is also holding a contest for Tales fans! Simply answer the questions below and e-mail your entry (together with name, mail and contact info) to . First prize is a copy of Tales of Vesperia + a Tokunaga Plushie Set. Runner-up prize will be just a copy of the game. Please take note that the contest is open to US and Canada residents only, and that they only allow one entry per household. Contest ends on August 13.

1.) North America's Tales of Destiny II is what Tales game in Japan?
2.) Tales of Symphonia is set in the same universe as what other Tales game?
3.) Out of Asch the Bloody, Legretta the Quick, Largo the Black Lion, Glorfindel the Executioner, and Sync the Tempest, which is NOT one of the six God-Generals from Tales of the Abyss?
4.) Which two DS Tales games have been released in Japan, but have yet to be released in North America?
5.) Who is the vocalist for the Tales of Vesperia main theme?
6.) Who is the oppressive ruler of the town of Ailily who will not even let his citizens leave the town?
7.) Which North American voice actor has voiced not only two different Tales characters, but a prince, a terrorist, a lion, and a mythical Greek hero?

If you read the full story, you'll have my answers ^^. I'm pretty sure they're all correct.

-Back to exams- (THEY'RE STILL NOT OVER...)

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