Check out the ALTAiR Tales of Berseria 1/8 Scale Eizen Prototype by Alter

Check out the First Mate!

Alter has exhibited their prototype of their upcoming Tales of Berseria 1/8 scale Eizen figure for their ALTAiR line over at WonFes 2017 Summer!

Wonder Festival is the world’s biggest figure festival held in Japan. It takes place twice a year - once in Winter and once in Summer. The latest one, Wonder Festival (Summer) 2017 was held in Chiba, Japan on the 30th July 2017.

As previously announced, the Eizen figure is 1/8 scale, the same size as Alter's Edna figure. No news yet on when he can be pre-ordered.

The Tales of Zestiria 1/8 scale Edna figure by Alter is still currently available at a few shops:

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  • Perseids

    It's weird that they'll be the same size, even if Edna is sitting in her's.

    • Sahri

      I think it's a standard format for these figurines and she's sitting on a rock but yeah, them being the same size is kinda odd but I don't really care xD

  • Sahri

    I was waiting for this ever since beating the game. Eizen is my favorite Tales character of all times and I am SO gonna pre-order this one regardless of price!

    But I also hope they will re-release the Edna figurine to give fans who missed out on it a 2nd chance, and if people would buy them together they should get a sibling discount :3