Check Out These Tales of Festival 2016 Merchandise Presented By Luke's Voice Actor Chihiro Suzuki

Watch Luke present some Tales merch to overseas fans!

Not sure whether to get the amazing Tales of Festival 2016 goods that are up for sale? Let Luke fon Fabre's Japanese voice actor Chihiro Suzuki take you through the different goods!

For those unaware, Tokyo Otaku Mode, a site dedicated to overseas fans of Japanese pop culture, also sells Tales of Merchandise. But not just any Tales merchandise. Goods that were previously limited to the Japan-only Lalabit Market, specifically Tales of Festival merchandise, are also being sold by them!

Bandai Namco Japan, in cooperation with Tokyo Otaku Mode, have prepared videos featuring Tales of Festival 2016 merchandise presented by none other than Chihiro Suzuki, Luke fon Fabre's Japanese voice actor in Tales of the Abyss! These videos are specially for overseas Tales fans (meaning they have English subs)!

Those aren't the only Tales of Festival 2016 merchandise available, though! There are a whole lot more which you can check over at Tokyo Otaku Mode's Tales of Series merchandise listing!


Both Tokyo Otaku Mode and Bandai Namco Japan were really flabbergasted at the high demand of Tales goods that Abyssal Chronicles brought them. They seriously were not aware that the demand for Tales goods overseas was THIS big. They both extend their thanks for how passionate AC's visitors are for Tales!

That said, Tokyo Otaku Mode contacted us recently saying that because of the demand AC brought, Bandai Namco Japan decided to send over even more stocks of their Tales of Festival 2016 merchandise! How awesome is that?! However, some merchandise could no longer be restocked, possibly because even stocks in Japan have run out (like that Repede bag/pouch, sadly).

But maybe, just maybe, in the future, they'll be able to bring over all the other exclusive Lalabit Market items overseas. We have our fingers crossed!

Check out Tokyo Otaku Mode's Tales of Series merchandise listings! »

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  • Shon

    I never was fan of how the Japanese advertise their stuff, most people in my country unlike most of the western countries just won't "buy" (not relate to the merchandise itself ofc) such acting (while they will respect the effort though), when it come to voice acting jap are amazing and are on top of my list, but when it come to real action they always stay far in the bottom~

    I assume they use to advertise that way since in jap people tend to be more naïve and innocent? (same could be said on many other Asian or western countries but who I that can tell? xD) (also polls showed that most jap tend to be more childish... but that only polls)

    Btw what ore wa warukunee mean? does it have some hidden meaning that relate to TO or Luke by any way? since I never played the jap ver of TOTA

    • Mark Villanueva

      "Ore wa warukunee!!" is what Luke fon Fabre yelled to the group after he accidentally destroyed Akzeriuth. It translates to "It's not my fault".

      • Shon

        Nice, thanks 🙂

  • InfinityAge11

    I was so stoked to see another round of previously exclusive merchandise on TOM! I bought the giant 20th Anniversary Party poster from the first wave and I bought the Zestiria metallic poster and Tales calendar from this one. Super happy to hear that its all selling really well!

  • I'm thrilled to see a very big acknowledgement of, "Yes, we do see you fans-outside-of-Japan, and realize that you want to support the franchise beyond just buying games!"

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