Yuri Gets... a Judas Costume?! + Added Clearer Scans From Previous Posts

The guys over at TwinTales.com, a Thai Tales of fansite, have made an awesome discovery from the scans revealed previously (I'm talking of the ones here an here). 
First, a comparison of the scan with Estelle in her Vengeful Holy Knight title and an actual screenshot from the game.

Now focus your attention on who is beside Estelle, and what he's wearing.
... Does it ring a bell? If not, maybe this can refresh your memory. Nice find, really nice find XD.

Also, thanks to RyuHiroshi from the Official Tales Forums for providing better scans regarding the recent news posts, the ones regarding the system in Tales of Graces and the dual hi-ougi of Yuri and Flynn in Tales of Vesperia PS3. You can view them below.
tovscan1 togscan1 togscan2

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