Mikleo Takes The Crown in the 8th Tales of Character Popularity Poll Rankings!

Mikleo, Ludger and Luke take the top spots!

The results are in! Meet your top 20 favorite Tales of characters as voted for by fans!

The results of the 8th Tales of Character Popularity Poll Rankings are now out!

For the main characters list, Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria takes the crown as the overall favorite character, followed by Ludger Kresnik from Tales of Xillia 2 and Luke fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss!

  1. Mikleo (Tales of Zestiria)
  2. Ludger Kresnik (Tales  of Xillia 2)
  3. Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss)
  4. Asbel Lhant (Tales of Graces)
  5. Eizen (Tales of Berseria)
  6. Sorey (Tales of Zestiria)
  7. Velvet Crowe (Tales of Berseria)
  8. Jude Mathis (Tales of Xillia/Xillia 2)
  9. Zelos Wilder (Tales of Symphonia)
  10. Judas (Tales of Destiny 2)
  11. Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)
  12. Raven (Tales of Vesperia)
  13. Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss)
  14. Emil Castagnier (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)
  15. Flynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia)
  16. Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss)
  17. Alisha Diphda (Tales of Zestiria)
  18. Pascal (Tales of Graces)
  19. Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia/Xillia 2)
  20. Edna (Tales of Zestiria)
  21. Laphicet (Tales of Berseria)
  22. Rokurou Rangetsu (Tales of Berseria)
  23. Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia)
  24. Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia)
  25. Spada Belforma (Tales of Innocence)
  26. Magilou (Tales of Berseria)
  27. Reid Hershel (Tales of Eternia)
  28. Reala (Tales of Destiny 2)
  29. Colette Brunel (Tales of Symphonia)
  30. Alvin (Tales of Xillia/Xillia 2)

Only the top 20 were announced at the Festival, while the lower numbers were announced at the official website. As we announced yesterday, the top ranking character, Mikleo, will be available as a 5 Star character login bonus in Tales of Asteria.

In the 7th Popularity Poll held in 2014, Ludger claimed the top spot, with Luke in 2nd and Jude Mathis in third.

Yuri Lowell & Leon Magnus aren't eligible for votes in the Favorite Character category as they were added to Hall of Fame status at Tales of Festival 2013 due to the amount of times they've topped the rankings in the past.

For those curious, here are the links to the previous Popularity Poll results:

Stay tuned for more Tales of Festival 2017 news!

Tales of Zestiria
Tales of ZestiriaTales of Zestiria is the Tales of 20th anniversary title and was released in Japan for the PS3 on January 22, 2015 and for the PS4 on July 7, 2016. It was also released in North America and Europe for the PS3, PS4 and PC Digital on October 16 and 20, 2015. The game features Sorey, a young man set out to be the Shepherd. The game is a distant sequel to Tales of Berseria. An anime series by ufotable, called Tales of Zestiria the X is currently airing worldwide.

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  • Zeonis

    Mikleo would not have been anywhere near my first choice.

    • Deltath Riylaan

      He'd go in the bottom of my barrel alongside other classics like Keel Zeibel, Genius Sage, Anise Tatlin, Karol Capel, Hubert Oswell and Teepo.

      Oh and obviously Emil Castagnier would be my most hated, but considering he isn't in a true (mothership) Tales game, I don't consider him a real Tales character.

  • earth_worm_jim

    I'm not even surprised, it's more surprising that people are shocked about Mikleo getting the top spot.

    • Mikleo

      Zestiria is popular in Japan. It was even called a "Tales of series Masterpiece". Only Westerns are surprised because they hated it for some reason. Most of people I stumbled upon YT who are hating it are upset Alisha fans.

      • earth_worm_jim

        I agree, Westerners have no reason to be obsessed about Alisha or to even believe that she was ever a main character. The opening for the game has Alisha appear in 2 scenes, and the game makes it very clear early on that she's not main character. It doesn't help that Westerners who have little actual knowledge of what was going on latched on hard to a fake controversy that they heard a third hand account of. Zestiria's backlash reminds me of the immediate backlash against FFXV, hell the backlash even died out just as quickly.

        I went on a Japanese forum that was talking about Tales Fes, and everyone said that if Mikleo didn't win then the results would have been questioned. Hell I remember TOZX getting a lot of criticism for pushing Mikleo into the back and Alisha to the front, and then fir making her a main character especially during season 2.

        • Mikleo

          Yeah, that's so true about the anime. Mikleo was pushed back mostly in season 2. So many "real ToZ fans" were also questioning that, while the Alisha fans are so pleased. Although I like the ending when Sorey and Mikleo reunited.

          I'm not an Alisha hater, she's actually my 2nd favorite girl in the series, but some of her Western fans are really getting in my nerves. I hate when they're calling Sorey and Mikleo gays in such an insulting manners.

          • Turtal

            Actually, you could tell Alisha's spot as the heroine was iffy the moment they started pushing Rose in the pre-release promotional material and how Alisha was left out of almost everything plot centric (Rose's armatization being the KO punch). In Zestiria X... I don't think making Alisha a permanent party member was bad in itself, but rather how instead of wrapping her subplot, leaving it aside and making her actually join SOREY's quest to focus on the main story and the actual main character who should drive the plot, they kept draggin things to Alisha's issues or her relationship with Rose. The filler and Berseria episodes didn't help with the messy narrative.

            At least fans give Mibo the respect he never got in the game =P

          • earth_worm_jim

            Mikleo fans got a lot less respect in the anime than in the game, Mikleo in the anime was treated like an extra just like the rest of the seraphim. We didn't even find out that he used to be a human. Game Mikleo was a character anime Mikleo was a background prop. I actually think that the various manga treated Mikleo (and every character mind you) the best.

            As for the anime trying to make Alisha appear part of the party it brought up a major problem, that is Alisha's story simply isn't connected to the main story or even Sorey's quest, it's just an unrelated side quest for a side character who adds nothing to the narrative. So pushing in the party ended up leaving a lot less time to tell Zestiria's story. The sad thing is they had to drag out her story because simply ending would make it more apparent that unlike everyone in Sorey's party, Alisha has no reason to be a permanent party member but has every reason to not to. They probably wanted to avoided to avoid the elephant in the room and so dragged out her story.

            Tl;Dr instead of pandering the anime would have been better off if it followed what the "Time of Guidance" and "Alisha After" and have a perspective flip to Alisha and have Alisha herself explain why she chooses to leave. That way leaving no room for arguments since not only would Alisha be the one who shoots down the idea, but also reaching her apex in development and ending her story by doing it.

          • Turtal

            Forgot to mention: this is more of a guess, but I've always thought that the Alisha mess in the game was mostly due how she was promoted as the main heroine early on and turned out to be an extra in the end. As in, that the players were in a way "lied to" regarding expectations about her (a touchy subject with audiences, believe me). From what I get (an interview I read in animenewsnetwork), the fact she wasn't the heroine was supposed to be a plot twist, but given nothing came out of it and she turned out to be a minor character for some people felt she was just wasted. Had they written her off in a more meaningful way it could have worked of as a twist. Or had they made clear that Rose was the party member from the start the mess would have been avoived entirely and Alisha would have been just "that spear girl that temporarily joins you". Then again, this is just a guess, and I am not trying to justify the backlash or anything.

          • Deltath Riylaan

            Alisha is Flynn. She'll be fully fleshed out and recruitable in Tales of Zestiria R. =D

          • earth_worm_jim

            If you think that Alisha is like Flynn then her purpose went completely over your head.

          • earth_worm_jim

            It wasn't just Mikleo fans who were upset, I saw a lot of Edna fans that were mad as well, ditto for those who liked Sorey. Alisha fans were pleased because they got what they wanted Alisha as a Main character, who cares if it resulted in her becoming a Mary Sue, who cares if it came at the expense of all the other characters and the narrative itself.

      • Deltath Riylaan

        Mikleo is by far the least important and most replaceable character in the cast, followed by Edna. He's like the tag along brother that your mom makes you take with you to the movies because there's no one to babysit. With the exception of an end game spoiler, he serves virtually no purpose other than to be mocked and called Meebo.

        I just can't fathom why anyone would like him. This isn't just some random fan hate. I actually think his place in the game is fine. Not all characters can be equally important. Eizen and Rokurou in Berseria frequently take a back seat to plot issues, but their stereotypical cool factor is very high. And Eizen's connection to Zestiria makes him even more popular.

        But Mikleo? Honestly, what is it about him that would have anyone vote for him? The only thing I could come up with was his Justin Beeber hair and feminine physique might make him popular among some girls solely based on appearance.

        • Mikleo

          Well, that's your opinion. And it's him who won so he deserves it than anyone, and we can't do anything about it.

          But Mikleo's by far the best Character in Zestiria by many audiences in both game and the anime. It's not only his appearance was liked, but same to his personality and is a true friend/bros almost everyone wish for. And Zestiria is a popular game in Japan, so that's another reason for its casts to be in the ranking. That Justin Beiber hair is of no concern, it's because the game was liked by my Japanese fans.

          "He serves virtually no purpose other than to be mocked and called Meebo." Erm... That's just Edna's joking routine. And Mikleo purpose is very important in the game, him and Sorey are the Main Characters of the series after all. Without him, Sorey might have been corrupted by Malevolence a long time ago.

          Rose on the other hand is just a side character, so don't compare her with Reid and Stahn who have their own game. And I like Stahn, he's one of my favorite Tales Main Character. Ludger is by far my favorite though.

          • Deltath Riylaan

            As you said to me, that's your opinion. I can compare her to whoever I want. And Mikleo is most certainly not a main character. Sorey is. And only Sorey. Mikleo is a supporting character and has less dialogue and story important scenes than Rose, almost inarguably. Also, winning the poll doesn't mean too much other than that's the opinion of the people who voted, which was a small group of mostly Japanese women, people who like him and Zestiria much more than the rest of the world.

          • Eizen

            Tales of Series have "TWO MAIN CHARACTERS". Phantasia (Cress &) Mint), Destiny (Stahn & Ruute), Eternia (Reid & Farah), Destiny 2 (Kyle & Reala), Rebirth (Veigue & Claire), Legendia (Senel & Shirley), Abyss (Luke & Tear), Innocence (Ruca and Illia), Hearts (Kor & Kohaku), Graces (Asbel & Sophie), Xillia (Jude & Milla), Xillia 2 (Ludger & Elle), Zestiria (Sorey & Mikleo) and finally Berseria (Velvet & Laphicet).

            Another thing in tales series is that they're showcasing the 2 MCs in the opening sequence more than anyone. And if you re-watch Zestiria's sequence, it's obviously always Sorey and Mikleo. And what do you mean Rose has more important scenes? Play again, until beginning to ending, who was together with who? Sorey and Mikleo. It's because IT'S THEIR STORY. How about Rose or Alisha, where are they at the ending? Dead and rotting in the ground. 🙂

            And it's not surprising for Mikleo to take the crown. It's because Zestiria is popular in Japan more than you expected. And how can you be so sure that only girls voted? Did they show you the gender of the voters? Mikleo is far loved by the fans because his character is beyond caring, while Rose on the other hand, many Japanese were so annoyed by her.

          • Deltath Riylaan

            Just because it tends to have a female love interest or deuteragonist doesn't mean they have two main characters. They INARGUABLY do not. Even Milla wasn't counted as the main character of Xillia. All reports and interviews with Tales Studio repeatedly references Velvet as the first ever female main character in a Tales game and specifically said while Milla almost was that because Xillia allows you to choose, she wasn't THE main character, there were simply two protagonists.

            And besides, even if what zmI said didn't fully refute what you said (which it does), you can't POSSIBLY claim some of those characters as main characters. Veigue and Claire? She's not around for such long stretches. Kohaku doesn't have a personality for half of the game. Sophie? I mean, there's an argument she isn't even the most important female character in that game and certainly isn't the love interest. And Elle? Ludger is a cipher, a silent protagonist and while Elle is very important to the plot, she's basically the equivalent of Navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She's a tool to convey emotion and story when the MAIN CHARACTER is silent. That's why she does his win quotes for him.

            Maybe you need to replay every Tales game to get a better idea of who is important and not just base it on who's standing next to the main character on the cover.

            Also, Mikleo still just doesn't matter in Zestiria. And furthermore, how could being dead at the end have any bearing on their importance? I could name a thousand games, books, shows and movies where the sole main character is dead by the end. It's a common tactic. Not to say that Rose is the main character. She certainly isn't. But she's definitely more relevant than Meebo, the punching bag joke of the game. Sorey's annoying tag along could be written out with virtually no detriment to the plot and certainly without making the game less enjoyable.

          • Eizen

            It seems like you didn't understood my point. Tales game have two Main Characters, but of course, the real main who owns the game is only one but there is a secondary MC who's in the main plotline along with the MC. I don't know what you're getting, but the two Main Characters aren't solely for love interest.

            At Rebirth, what's Veigue's purpose for fighting? What triggered his story? It's when Clair was kidnapped by Saleh. So without Claire, do you think his story will start?

            And about Sophie, it was obvious that she had a very big role in the plot line. Just because Asbel ended up with Cheria, doesn't mean she's the secondary MC.

            And for Xillia 2, Elle is very important to the plot, thus the story also revolves around her, which is why she's the secondary MC.

            For Zestiria, the twist of Story was only about Sorey and Mikleo. It all started with them in Camlann, and so it's their journey to find the truth about their past along the way. How about Rose? Did she ever had a purpose in the MAIN PLOT? Certainly NEVER.

          • Deltath Riylaan

            I think it's you who missed my point. There aren't two main characters. It's not like one is the MAIN main character and the other is the secondary main, as you put it. The term is deuteragonist which literally means character of second most importance.

            As for all of your explanations of why characters are or are not important, most of it is meaningless. I'll use Claire as an example. Sure, she's the driving force behind why Veigue does everything. But that doesn't mean she's in the game a lot and the second most important. The driving force of most of Xillia is the Lance of Kresnik, no one's saying that's a main character. Princess Peach is why Mario does what he does, but she's rarely seen outside of opening and ending cutcenes. Motivational macguffin doesn't make the character "main". And many that you mentioned are that. They're the most important to the protagonist so as the player we're taught to care about them. It may even be they're intended to be as important as you say, but that doesn't change the fact that many of them still don't actually get a lot of dialogue and screen time.

            Think of it in terms of watching a movie. If a character in a movie is on a mission to save their captured loved one and it's all they ever talk about (like Claire), the actor playing the loved one who isn't on screen much won't get paid anywhere near as much as the actor playing the lead, because they have few lines and little screen time.

            Just saying there's a difference between being mentioned or important to a plot and actually being a main character and on screen a lot.

          • Eizen

            Why are you even comparing a Tales Game to other games? Like I said "Tales Games always have two Main Characters", not Mario and such. And plus, Mikleo has more important dialogue than Rose. Mikleo was also certainly got more of screentime than any of the other Seraph nor with Rose and Alisha. It's even him who was shown the most at the epilogue, and at the end, he reunited with Sorey. While on the other hand, what about Rose and Alisha? They were never shown of importance to Sorey more than Mikleo did.

            And you're just a fan and a hater that is frustrated because your favorite character, a.k.a trash annoying Rose was outshined by the character you hate. Sorry but however you argue or cry on this comment section about Mikleo taking the crown, it won't change anything. Rose was just irrelevant after all, died and no more. While Mikleo and Sorey on the other hand, are spending their lives like usual.

          • Deltath Riylaan

            I love that in the very sentence you called me a fan and a hater, you said "trash annoying Rose". You clearly have no ability to follow a real conversation or think with anything beyond nerd rage fan defense. It doesn't hurt me or upset me that Mikleo won a meaningless character poll. Not does it hurt or upset me that you or anyone else doesn't like Rose. I love Tales and I love all the characters. While I may like some more than others or understand their importance to the plot isn't great, I like each and every character in the series. The fact that you think I'm just mad about some poll makes me laugh and smile. What a trite and pointless thing to get defensive about! How pointlessly childish.

            We're all here to talk and discuss a franchise we supposedly love, yet you can't apparently have a difference of opinion without being overcome by emotion. And honestly, it just makes it seem like you don't like Tales, because you think the characters created by them are trash.

            Despite what you seem to think, I wouldn't change a thing about the plot or the characterization of Zestiria at all. My only complaints with the game were technical, issues with slow down and camera struggles, etc. I found the story and cast very satisfying, including Mikleo. It's just shocking to think that out of 16 mothership titles that he would be considered number 1. Makes me think most of the people who polled are newer, younger fans.

            Oh and as an aside, because I genuinely think you must be confused. You keep saying Rose dying means she was irrelevant. Like she was just killed off or something mid story. The epilogue shows us a time clearly decades into the future and Rose's funeral shows all her friends and loved ones there, including the two kids she saved who are now old, showing that she lived to a ripe old age and had a lot of people there to see her off. Many think it also means she may have become a seraph, but I don't really see much evidence of that. Anyway, I thought that was a great ending there and all around, including the part at the end with Mikleo. I thought the last few hours of the game in general were among the best.

          • earth_worm_jim

            Rose would have never joined the group if not for Mikleo, it was Mikleo who saw her worth and asked her to join. If not for him Rose would have remained an NPC. So really as a Rose fan you is all people should be thankful for Mikleo's existence.

            Rose isn't more important than Mikleo she isn't anywhere near the same level. In fact your claim that Mikleo is unnecessary more fits Rose considering that Zaveid could and does serve the same purpose in the story as her, and that is a character that challenges Sorey's beliefs so that his ideals become more tempered.

            And considering the vitriol you've been spewing I think that "hater" is a term that suits you.

          • Eizen

            He even dared calling me a nerd raging fan when he was the one who's obviously raging from the start just because Mikleo took the crown.

          • Eizen

            How about you keep saying that Mikleo is less important, isn't that also saying that he's irrelevant? But in reality, he's the most important person to Sorey than any others. And it's true that you're a fan and a hater, read all of your comments regarding about Rose and Mikleo. And whoever you talk to with your personality that keeps on trashing Mikleo, they'll be forced to hate the character that you're supporting.

            I only thrown facts at you about the game, and no matter how many times you play, Mikleo had more dialogues and screen time more than Rose ever did. That was my issue here, you were complaining why Mikleo became number one when he's just a "Supporting Character". But in reality, he's the secondary MC and a lot of people even liked him more that they did to Sorey. And it's true that Rose was forgotten. Did Sorey ever had any concern regarding about Rose when he came back? No, he went straight to Mikleo.

            And what are you saying newer younger fans? Mikleo has been the most popular character of Zestiria since "2015!", even if you watch the gameplays in YT with commentary, they liked Mikleo more than anyone, whether they are guys or girls. And even if you watch people making reaction video of the anime, they keep saying that they really like Mikleo. So stop downgrading Mikleo since he have A LOT of fans WORLDWIDE more than you think.

            And Mikleo wasn't liked based on appearance, but based on his character as a whole, mostly his personality and concern about Sorey.

          • Mikleo

            Huh? Rose is more important that Mikleo? I don't think so. Rose was never been part of the main story aside from Pendrago arc to explain Dezel's past. But that wasn't even important in the main story, whatsoever. And Mikleo has more important scenes than Rose who was forgotten at the ending.

        • earth_worm_jim

          In Zestiria Mikleo is actually the catalyst for the whole story. He's the reason why the story happens the reason why it reaches its conclusion. Also without him Sorey would have become corrupted. Hell without him Rose wouldn't have become squire.

          • Deltath Riylaan

            Which makes him really important in all of two cutscenes, one being a flash back.

          • earth_worm_jim

            You mean which makes him the entire center of the game considering how that flashback was what actually started the game's conflict. Without Mikleo really pushing Sorey, Sorey would have turned into a hellion, hell without Mikleo Sorey has no goals and therefore no reason to travel and therefore no reason to be shepherd. Without Mikleo the story doesn't exist. Anytime Mikleo does something the story ends up moving forward, or we end up learning something significant.

            I could more easily say that of your claim is one that more fits to your favorite character Rose, considering that she's really just exists to take up space she's only there to do one thing and that is convince Sorey to learn how to kill. She has no personal connection to the story and could easily be written out, especially since Zaveid serves the same purpose as her. Except considering Zaveid's backstory he's a lot more qualified to teach Sorey than Rose could ever hope to be.

          • Deltath Riylaan

            If you can't follow my point, I don't think I can help you. I'm wasting my time. And.. how much of a Tales fan I am has nothing to do with how knowledgeable I am about YOUR opinion or any other's. I love the games and I play them and enjoy them. I've never been on fansites until very recently and honestly, it you're any indication of the kind of people lurking around here, the world's better off staying away. I'll stick to enjoy the games, not liking bad characters and not talking to narrow minded, nerd rage filled people like you. Later, buddy.

          • earth_worm_jim

            Oh I'm following your point just fine, the only problem is that your point is incorrect, and that you had to blatantly ignore the events of the game you even reach your point speaks volumes. What you're saying is factually incorrect and I'm not the only person whose pointed this out. But since you only seem to be interested in projecting your faults onto others I'm not surprised that your trying to act as though were somehow wronged just because people disagree with you or point out the flaws in your point.

        • Disaster

          Did we even play the same thing? No matter how many times I play the game, Mikleo is by far the second most important character in the game. He certainly have more dialogues and screentime more than Rose or any of the other Seraphim.

          And what are you talking about that new fans mostly girls voted? Excuse you, are you saying that new players suddenly sky rocketed and beat the number of veteran players? And for your information, Mikleo is the most popular character in the series since 2015, even much more popular than Sorey.

          Even in the mobile titles, Mikleo is one of the characters that's always getting a costume unit because he's one of most popular Tales of Characters. But by far, Ludger had the most 6 star units in both mobile titles.

          And it's not really surprising that he took the crown, what only surprised me a little bit is he beat Ludger Kresnik, the most wanted unit in the mobile titles. Probably because of the anime which he gain more popularity. And even despite being held back in the anime, he still proven himself to be the most popular character in the series. Even anime watchers only liked him more than any of the other characters, he still beat Alisha despite her having more screentime in season 2.

          My advice to you is better shut up if you're ignorant about the facts. And looking at this comment section, it's another proof that Mikleo has more supporters.

          • Deltath Riylaan

            First of all, I'm not ignorant about the facts. Second of all, this is a discussion thread. People can be completely ignorant. It's supposed to be a discussion, not one person stating thoughts and opinions then the next telling them to shut up. Thirdly, I don't need evidence that he's popular. I never debated that he was popular, just that it's shocking that he is. The only "facts" you laid out were that he and Ludger were popular and wanted. Yep. Okay. And? Trump was popular enough to get elected president, doesn't mean he's good at his job or that I understand why people voted for him.

          • Disaster

            What even Trump and Politics got to do with Tales of Characters voting? And being shocked that he's popular only to this date just proves that you're ignorant about Tales Series and not really a Tales fan. Because, hello? Mikleo was popular since ages ago and every veteran players knows that. And don't just base their popularity from their own games, there are also escort titles like spin-off and mobile games. Mikleo was even chosen as an important character in Asteria's chapter 4 together with Velvet, Collete, Jude, Raven and and Kyle. Oh yeah, and another thing is that on spin-off titles, MCs are always with their heroine/secondary lead or the 3rd most important character in the series. Sorey's always been with Mikleo, not with Rose, Alisha or any others. Lloyd on the other hand is sometimes with either Collete or Zelos, Luke with either Tear or Guy, and Yuri with either Estelle or Flynn. There's already a lot of escort titles release and Sorey was never been separated with Mikleo, nor Mikleo being replaced by other Zestiria characters. That just proves Mikleo's importance.

  • Turtal

    It's always a delight to see Luke get a good spot on these polls, especially given how vocal his hatedom is in the west. I am surprised (and glad) that Eizen, mah good man, got such a good position I was convinced that Velvet was easily the most popular Berseria character, which speaking of I was sure would get into at least the top 5, at least with Berseria still fresh around. Kinda glad too that Alisha did well in the poll as well, goes to show that her character does have appreciation beyond just pity regarding the controversy, though it does surprise me that she did better than Edna, in a reversal of the Zestiria popularity poll, who, similarly to Velvet, was expecting to get near the top ten or in the top ten.

    • Eizen

      The Japanese has already moved on about the controversy of Alisha. Only Westerns can't move on and are still hating Zestiria, while in Japan, it was one of the most popular title. So it's not surprising if multiple Zestiria casts managed to get in the poll, let alone Mikleo taking the Crown.

      • Turtal

        I was mostly referring to how many people say that Alisha's popularity simply comes from pity and nothing else, disregarding if she does have a fans that may just like her. To be fair, I don't question Zestiria being popular in Japan, but it's not strange for characters of recently released games to do very well in these sort of polls given the hype is still fresh. I mean, Berseria had its entire cast save for Eleanor in the top 30. After a while and that dies down you get to see how popular the character really is; some hang in the same good spot, some drop and some are even vindicated and rise up, but there are changes interestingly.

        • Eizen

          Zestiria was since 2015, it's not a recent released game, and since those years, Mikleo was still quite popular. He even became more popular due to the anime even though he was held back a little for Alisha. Since ToF 2015-2016 and now 2017, Mikleo's franchises were still selling well.

        • earth_worm_jim

          The reason why people really do account Alisha's popularity to pity and also the moe phenomenon is because of the way her fans behave. I've never seen an Alisha fan who likes for Alisha what they tend to like is more their idea of what they believe Alisha should be rather than who she is, I remember reading an interview that her "fans" desire to have be a different is why she's effectively a different character in the anime. Others I've come across have this whole "poor Alisha" mindset. And the rest just like her design. I've never come across a person who genuinely likes Alisha for who and is flaws and all. But like Eizen said, Zestiria came out in 2015, Mikleo and by extension Sorey were popular from the offset. Considering how badly the anime treated Mikleo and how his popularity didn't drop despite that, his placement in that poll is most likely legitimate. In the case of everyone else sans Sorey though, I expect them to drop off soon.

  • archita

    Alisha is 17th for unfair treatment of Namco 🙁

  • Craig Osundu Kamijan

    Congratulations for Mikleo in winning the 8th Tales of Character Poll. Luke and Ludger are also great first runner up and third place hunks.
    I would never imagined that Mikleo is loved among the Tales community. Usually side male characters don't get this much love besides the main heroines and rare cases like Guy, Zelos and Flynn. Also the fact that he's a positive LGBTQ representation in a JRPG and even Japanese video games in general, being one of the two gay main characters in Zestiria, together with Sorey as the first primary hero to be so, makes this a very powerful symbolic victory as it is.

  • Kenichi

    Emil and Zelos over Regal Bryant or Sheena. OK. Not to mention that I miss great characters as Cless or Arche from Phantasia (really,even ALVIN? before them?). Asuming villains aren't welcome, I rather put Tear over Jade imo... and well, I miss Malik Caesar too. This ranking is based maybe more on protagonists and deuteragonists in my humble opinion. Natalia shines silently on the game, so does Chester or Genis & Raine... but well, I guess they are not as popular as the main cast...