Abyssal Chronicles Will Be At Tales of Festival 2016 as Press! Please Read

Bringing you news from the press line

We're proud to announce that Abyssal Chronicles will be at Tales of Festival 2016 as part of the press!

That's right! Specifically, our Japan Tales of events correspondent, Momo, will be attending the upcoming Tales of Festival 2016 next week as part of the press, and will be there representing Abyssal Chronicles!

This however, entails some restrictions which you'll be able to read below.

1.) But weren't you guys always at TalesFes?
- Well, we sort of were. AC's Japan Tales of Events correspondent, Momo, was usually at Tales of Festival as a regular attendee. THat's why, most of the time, we gathered our Tales of Festival info from her plus live Tweets of other attendees of TalesFes.

2.) So what does this mean?
- It means that this year, AC will have first hand information from TalesFes since we're under the press. Whatever will be announced at TalesFes or whatever media there may be, we'll have first hand acquisition of them.

3.) Buuuut...?
- Yes, the but. This entails some restrictions, unfortunately. We will NOT be able to relay news from live Tweets of other attendees or even from live streaming in real time like we did in the past. This is because attending as press means we have to abide by their rules with regards to timing of posting new announcements.

4.) This means what, exactly?
- Long story short, this pretty much just means that we will have a slight delay in posting Tales of Festival news. Usually, they allow press news embargo to go live around 2-3 hours after the Festival proper ends per day, so we'll be posting whatever announcements come up only during that time.

5.) That kind of sucks 🙁
- We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope this will give us better coverage and more accurate information for all our site visitors!

Look forward to our reports on Tales of Festival 2016!

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