AC's 777 Promo Officially Over! Gel Locations Here!

Abyssal Chronicles' Big 777 Promo/Contest is officially over! All entries sent at the time after Wednesday, 22 June 2011, 07:00am PDT, Los Angeles, California time (or Wednesday, 22 June 2011, 10:00pm PHT, Manila, Philippines time), even by a few measly minutes, will be invalid. Thank you very much to all those who joined! As stated in the guidelines post, the winners will be announced in a few days. I have to thoroughly check the mails for any duplicates, and I have school. 

In the meantime, let's have a look at where those gels were at! I'll be keeping the gel locations online for a week or less so that everyone can see them.

First off, there actually was a small hint in the guidelines post, in the very first paragraph:

"It's time for the big contest guys! Here are the details! It's time to hunt for some gummy treats~! Please place..."

The word "gummy" was the main thing that should have helped you find the first three gels. Mind you, you did not even need to have an account in any of these social networking sites, nor did you even need to follow/become a fan/subscribe AC's accounts in those sites to actually find the gels. Now, onward to the actual locations:


To those who have noticed it (even before the contest start), kudos to you. This is the easiest one here. Our Facebook navigation has a new option, "Something gummy". Pressing this would lead you to a page where the Apple Gel is.


A few had trouble with this. All you had to do was check a couple of pages back in the old posts... and CTRL+F the word "gummy". There, you will find a post I made back in June 1st.


Now, a lot of people had trouble with this. My main way of finding the Gel was to browse the recently uploaded videos on the right and check their video info once they've loaded. Our mod, LaZyEnErGeTiC, actually found a way to find the video with the Gel link without going through the videos one by one that I didn't think of:

So, all you had to do was search the word "gummy" in the search bar and the video should have come up.

Abyssal Chronicles: Version 2

AC's mascot. You see her mainly only in the main site and also in Facebook. I also use her for important notices and important outbound links (Facebook, Twitter links).

So anyway, please wait patiently for the winners. But first off, some guidelines about the winners. Please DO read them:

1.) AC will only allow ONE winner PER household. In example, the two winners happened to be siblings or cousins living under one roof. The name that was firstly drawn will be the valid winner, and the second person drawn would be considered invalid.

2.) AC will not be held liable in the case of Play-Asia or YesAsia not being able to send the product to you due to regional restrictions and such. We had explicitly stated in the contest guidelines that before joining, you should be 100% sure that either Play-Asia or YesAsia can deliver the specific product (Tales of Xillia Japanese Version) to where you live. In the occasion that neither shops cannot send the game to the winner's area, AC has the right to pick a new winner in place of the one Play-Asia or YesAsia cannot send to.

3.) Yes, we'll also handle the shipping fees. Though most probably, we'd just go for the basic shipping, and not the courier ones.

4.) AC will only handle the pre-ordering of the product. It's Play-Asia or YesAsia themselves who will send the item. It is already out of our hands after the order is placed, meaning (a) we can't take back the order (but why would you even want to take it back, right? ) and (b) we will not be held liable in case the product gets lost in the mail or something. I do understand that the two companies allow replacements/refunds for products lost in the mail, and since it will be ordered using my accounts in those sites, I'd be more than happy to get them to send replacements, but this is only after the game's release.

5.) Winners will have to give their full name (or the full name of anyone in the household old enough to receive a package) and address to us. We will of course uphold your privacy regarding the matter, and the address will only be known to me (a745) and me alone.

That's all! Thank you once again, and you'll here from us within the week about the winners!

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