AC's Tales "Caption This!" Mini-Contest #1! Win Some Official Tales Posters!

Let's liven up the site a bit with another mini-contest! Welcome to Abyssal Chronicles' first ever Tales of "Caption This!" Contest! And yes, by first ever, I mean that this can become a frequent thing.

From the title alone, you guys can pretty much guess how it'll go: We have one screenshot from a Tales game, and all you have to do is submit a caption for it. It can be a dialogue of sorts (though not too long, please), a witty comment, a narration - whatever you can think of. I'm sure you guys know how captions work.

This mini-contest is open to all, even the site mods. Those ranked admin and above are not allowed to join... because we're judging the winning entries.

We will choose the three best captions (in our honest-to-goodness opinions), and the three who submitted the winning entries will get one of the following at random:

  • Tales of Graces F Poster (featuring this art) personally signed by Hideo Baba himself from this year's Japan Expo in France (Front | Back) courtesy of Namco Bandai UK's Miss Hollie Bennett!
  • Tales of Festival 2012 A1 Size Poster (A) Featuring Art By ufotable
  • Tales of Festival 2012 A1 Size Poster (B) Featuring Art By ufotable

So, here's the screenshot that needs a caption! This is also to commemorate the release of Tales of Graces F in Europe this coming August 31st!

Send over your entries to with the title "AC Tales "Caption This!" Contest #1 Submission with your desired username/nickname, where you're from (country) and your caption. There's no need to place the caption on the screenshot itself or anything - just send the text of it. Entries are limited to one per person only.

Contest ends on September 3, 2012 - 8AM New York Time (that would be 8PM Philippines Time). The winners will be announced on September 8, 2012 or even earlier (depending on the number of entries), and will be prompted to submit their shipping details so we can send the posters right away.

And again, we'd like to thank Ms. Hollie from Namco Bandai UK for providing us the Graces F Poster! And note, the this poster was actually signed by Hideo Baba, but the signs on the Tales of Festival posters are printed on, not actually signed.

We'll be having other Caption This! mini-contests in the future - and yep, with new prizes every time :)! For any questions about the contest, feel free to post them in the comments below and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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