New ToS:KoR Scan + New Site Media + New Affiliate~

Thanks to a great find by steven_mj of the Tales Forums, a new scan for Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk has surfaced, and it features a new (hawt XD) character!

Looks like it won't just be EmilMarta and the monsters after all. The character's name is (unofficial) Rihitar Arbent(Japanese: RIHITAA AABENTO). He creepily looks a like a fusion of Jade and Dist from Tales of the Abyss... That aside, from what I could make out from the scan, he is some guy Emil meets, and he refuses to give his motives. Kind of an old way to introduce a character, but oh well. Also, according to a still unsure if it's a reliable source, the opening song of the game will be Nininsankyaku (Three-legged Race) by misono. Again, source is still somehow unreliable...

Speaking of TotA, thanks to Purple Lemon, we now have the game's fonic disc music box tracks up on the TotA Audio page. Also, thanks to her, we have an additional $4 in the site's contest funds =). If only it'd get full sooner, then we'd start that bloody contest already >.>...

Lastly, we are now affiliated with, known for their extensive and unique Tales Gallery~. Come and visit XD~

† New ToS:KoR scan
† Tales of the Abyss Audio Page

BTW I won't be online for a while because my Prelims are next week (ha, as if you actually won't see me online -_-). See you then. Latest would be Dec 21! Just in time for the ToS OVA Volume 4 release =)~

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