Media Sections Temporarily Closed... Sort of :\

So anyway, I know all of you have noticed that a bunch of the media in the site aren't working... It's either they are SendSpace/SaveFile links that have expired, or are MegaUpload links that are temporarily not working. For the MU links, those will be fixed in due time, it's just MU that's having the problem. For the SendSpace links, we sort of have no intention of reuploading to SendSpace considering their short time duration... And for SaveFile, I think I've mentioned this before, but we're trying to transfer most of our files to MediaFire instead, on account of they don't have a time limit for files.

Now, I'd do all of these right away if 1.) I didn't have school; 2.) I didn't have to pay so much for internet; 3.) If the connection here was a bit more faster; 4.) My co-admin wasn't so busy 'cause we've been missing each other online a lot already; 5.) My finals weren't coming up.

And on the contrary, that's the case. I've been way too busy that I lack time to finish up everything in one sitting. I apologize for the epic lateness, but it's hard working by myself. That's why in the near future, we may ask someone new to be part of the staff as someone to handle all the media.

Again, I apologize for all the dead links there, so hopefully, I'll get them up soon.

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