Tales of Graces Site Update - New Character Videos of Sophie, Hubert & Malik

The Tales of Graces official site has been updated today with three new character videos, the first videos for Sophie and Hubert Ozwell and the second video for Malik Caesars. Downloads for the videos are available at AC's ToG Video Section. They can also be viewed in their individual character pages.

Character Video - Sophie #1 Character Video - Hubert Ozwell #1 Character Video - Malik Caesars #2
In Sophie's video, we see Asbel and Hubert as children, talking about taking care of Sophie. From the way Asbel replies, it seems that his father, Aston, was against the idea of taking her in. In Hubert's video, we see Hubert appearing before Asbel with a group of Strata soldiers. In Malik's, we see Malik face to face with an old acquaintance by the name of Kurtz (???,kaatsu).

The official site's System section has also been updated today with explanations on Chain Capacity (CC), Around Step and Character Change in battles. The screenshots and info are old though. You can read about the game's system here.

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