Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ Released!

After experiencing a few difficulties here and there, we are finally done with the English release. Big thanks to the staff who worked hard on this release!

Torrents, MegaUpload downloads and downloads from the bot (visit #abyssalchronicles@irc.rizon.net) are all available. Please be forewarned of slow seeding, as my connection isn't that great. Included is an extra from the DVD, the Eizou Tokuten Picture Sound, which is like an epilogue of the movie created in the same way as Tales of Vesperia's epilogue was done (use of drawings). The source used is a 36GB BD ISO of the movie. Also, we are unsure of the movie's rating, but be aware that the film contains scenes of violence and heavy presence of blood.

And please do keep on seeding once you've downloaded it! Thanks!

Screen 1 Screen 2
Screen 3 Screen 4
Screen 5 Screen 6
Download links:

704x400p (XviD AVI + MP3 Audio) - Torrent | MegaUpload

848x480p (H264 MKV + AAC Audio) - Torrent | MegaUpload

1280x720p (H264 MKV + AAC Audio) - Torrent | MegaUpload

Picture Sound - 400p AVI | 480p MKV | 720p MKV

Enjoy our subs of Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~!

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