ToS-R Page Fully Updated + Site Updates + An Apology T_T

Ah yes, site updates. Sadly, I couldn't finish everything within the weekend... I had to do a PowerPoint Presentation for Chemistry, plus a video for my community service class. -sigh-Anyway, I've finished all the updates that needed to be done for the Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk/Dawn of the New World Page. This includes the character info for the characters (returning cast included), the systems in the game (monster catching, sorceror's ring, unison attacks, etc.), the storyline, and the ToS-R Gallery. And if you'll notice, there are "Read More..." links on the system and the storyline. That's pretty much what I plan to do with the rest of the Tales pages, that's why it's taking up so much time. The same format has already been done for the Tales of Phantasia Page.

And I'd like to take this time to apologize to Friki no Fansub. The originals of the scans of the collector's edition of the ToS OVA came from them, but I had no idea that the ones we posted are the ones without their watermark. That said, I've deleted the ones in the gallery and replaced them with the ones with their watermark. To those who want to download the whole thing, the link is here, 'cause we've deleted the old SendSpace link. Not to worry, their watermark is found in inconspicous parts of the scans. We'd like to say thank you to Lulu for letting us host them, and as well as we're sorry.

Speaking of scans, I've managed to upload 7 out of a whole lot more scans of the ToDDC Premium Box Artbook. The files are big, and are a pain to clean. I'd like to thank my classmate Ate Divine for scanning these for me. You can find them here.

As for new affiliates, we're now affiliated with Nintendo Sanctum, a forum focusing on Nintendo games, Tales Zelda Union, a Tales of, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc. Fansite featuring a whole lot of info. Their info is quite extensive. And SheezyArt's Tales Community, Tales of the Club.

And don't forget, we have a new AMV of the Month!

EDIT: Almost forgot... The Tales of the Tempest OST and the Tales of Legendia cutscenes links have been fixed. Also, to those who are wondering what's up with ToS OVA Vol 1's MegaUpload link, that's just how MegaUpload is. Just check back every now and then and that link will be back.

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