Tales of Rebirth PSP Now Out!

March 19, 2008 a745 0

Haha, managed to login after my Chem exam... So yes, Tales of Rebirth for the PSP is now officially out! Congrats to everyone who are getting their games!

Four New Tales of Vesperia Scans~

March 12, 2008 a745 0

Thanks to Rpgmonkey from the Official Tales Forums, we have four new magazine scans about Tales of Vesperia, revealing more info on the characters and the game. 

New ToS-R Screens~

March 6, 2008 a745 0

A few new screencaps from Jeux-France. Features a some event scenes, battles, Lloyd holding someone who looks a bit like Regal by the arm, and monster catching.

Media Sections Temporarily Closed... Sort of :\

March 5, 2008 a745 0

So anyway, I know all of you have noticed that a bunch of the media in the site aren't working... It's either they are SendSpace/SaveFile links that have expired, or are MegaUpload links that are temporarily not working.