Typhoon in the Philippines (UPDATED)

Hello everyone. This is sukotsuto making an announcement that is not "Tales of" related, in behalf of Abby (a745). Typhoon Ondoy had hit the Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. There are many areas that are severely flooded, with many still stranded on top of their roofs awaiting aid and relief, as it had just left the city recently. 
More news on the typhoon here:

The place where Abby is had been one of the place that's badly hit, but fortunately, our dear Admin is alright, and is living in a part where it hadn't been hit as bad (although the University she's attending is surrounded by the flood at the moment).

Unfortunately, she doesn't have connection at the moment (likely because of the typhoon), and thus, she won't be able to go online anytime soon to update the site.

In any case, I have friends (especially my best friend) in the places that were hit worst with the typhoon, so I personally pray for their safety in this unfortunate turn of events...

To those who are willing to aid the victims of the typhoon, you can donate at your local Red Cross, or online at the American Red Cross:

"Hey guys, a745 here. I'm currently fine. Ada/LaZyEnErGeTiC's also fine. The storm itself wasn't the cause of the damage, but rather all the rain it attracted. We had a strong 24-hour non-stop rain the other day, and it caused a lot of places to flood, even those places that usually don't flood at all.

Luckily, our area is high up. I just got the internet/phone working again as well. However, a lot of areas are still underwater, so my classes have been suspended until Tuesday. (And that's kind of good because I currently have a fever+colds+cough, but last time I heard even a part of the university was still underwater -_-. ). It's so sad, I'm hearing from the news that floating corpses have been found in some flooded areas. One small subdivision already has 50+ people dead. It's just horrible.

Thanks for worrying about us. Don't worry though, the time without the internet was used for doing a bit of the Graces section. Expect it to be up real soon." -a745

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