More Tales of Graces Gameplay and Two Trailers from Tokyo Game Show 2009

We have three new videos for you today, all from Ruliweb. The first is the game's actual Tokyo Game Show 2009 story trailer, but it was taken with a camera. The second is a system trailer about the game, while the last is another gameplay video. 

ToG TGS09 Off-Screen PV from Ruliweb ToG TGS09 System PV from Ruliweb ToG TGS09 Gameplay from Ruliweb
The story trailer focuses more on the events of the game, featuring all the characters this time around. It also has some anime scenes and the song "Mamoritai ~White Wishes~" by BoA playing in some parts. We will be uploading a better quality version once it is put up at the official site. A translation of the trailer's dialogue has been added via YouTube's annotations, courtesy of Yume Hanabi. Tales of Graces is looking to be a very dramatic game indeed.

The third video focuses on the game's overall system (SS-LMBS, Around Step, etc.). At the end of it is a little feature about the DS mini-game "Kamenin Merchant".

Lastly, at the end of the gameplay is a skit by Asbel, Pascal, Hubert and Malik, coercing people to buy the game when it's out. It is still not confirmed if the chibi images during that skit will be an actual part of the game, or were just added in for the event.

By the way, a message from me concerning the typhoon that hit our country is in the previous post.


EDIT: An article on Richard and the Kamenin Merchant mini-game has been put up at Famitsu. We will add the screenshots to the gallery once non-watermarked ones are around. In the meantime, view them here.

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