Tales of Graces' Main Theme Song Confirmed to be Performed by Singer BoA

Nore, a very well known gamer in the Tales of Series scene, is currently at the Vesperia and Graces Day event of Namco Bandai at Tokyo Game Show 2009. He has been constantly updating his own blog and Twitter with happenings at the event. 
From the stage event, it has just been confirmed that Tales of Graces' theme song will be ???????White Wishes?? (I Want to Protect ~White Wishes~mamoritai ~White Wishes~) to be sung by Korean singer BoA, a popular singer active in both Korea and Japan. You may know of her songs from a few anime shows (InuYasha and Monkey Typhoon). To those who have doubts, even Famitsu already has an article on this. BoA herself was even at the stage show.

And the game is actually 80% complete already, according to the announcements at the stage event. Nore mentioned that Baba said that aDecember release for the game is possible. The stage event has already ended, so news might become scarce now.

Vesperia and Graces Day Event Photos Namco Bandai Games Tales of Graces Booth Photos
More photos of the event and the Namdai ToG booth have been added to the gallery (from Famitsu and 4Gamer). Click the thumbnails above to view them.

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