Tales of Crestoria: Barbatos EX Summon

Another Villain Joins Tales of Crestoria!

Barbatos EX Summon

Tales of Crestoria has announced that the latest special EX Summons event will feature Barbatos! It's nice to see another Tales villain join the Crestoria line up alongside Dhaos and Chronos. Barbatos is the fourth EX Summon character after Dhaos, Leon, and Mieu. An SSR memoria stone named "Barbatos [Brutal Berserker]" will be added to the EX Summons with an increased chance of appearing. Like other summons, a 10x summon (costing 2,500 gleamstones) will guarantee at least one SR memoria stone. If you receive Barbatos [Brutal Berserker] in the EX Summons, he will also join your team as a character. Since Tales of Crestoria has no mid-battle items, he should be right at home here!

The new Barbatos memoria stone has a maximum HP of 4,500, a max ATK of 2,600, and max DEF of 550. His maxed out memoria skill is Torment VI (Axe), which provides +150% CRIT damage to all axe-type allies. Barbatos himself has a maximum HP of 22,000, max ATK of 4,400, and max DEF of 2,000 at level 100 when fully awakened. His awakened character skill is called "Lust for Power" and provides a 10% ATK buff to dark allies as well as 20% ATK to axe-type allies at 20 hits. His artes are Three-Step Murder (200% ATK, 5 hits, 1 enemy) and Genocide Edict (250% ATK, 3 hits, 1 enemy). His mystic arte is World Destroyer (480% ATK, 4 hits, 1 enemy). Barbatos's stats and attacks all emphasize just doing as much damage as possible, which certainly fits him well!

In addition to Barbatos and the standard pool of SSR memoria stones, the previous EX characters, Dhaos [Determined Gaze], Leon [Armed With Friendship], and Mieu [In the Woodland Sun] will be in this EX Summon's pool, so it is another chance to get them. This Summon will run for one week from Thursday, November 9th, at 2:00am EDT to Monday, November 16th, at 1:59am EDT. Good luck!

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