Tales of The Rays x Slayers Crossover Event Announced!

Tales of The Slayers

The November Preview Part 2 for Tales of The Rays has finally been released, and just like many predicted it's another crossover! This time it's with Slayers, which should be exciting for many old school anime fans.
The part 2 preview can be seen on Bandai Namco's official Youtube channel. Here it is!

It may have seemed weird that they only showed one event in the preview video earlier this month. It turns out they had a megaton announcement in store for the rest of the month: A crossover with Slayers! This is the only event shown in the second preview, but we see a lot. Here are the names of the new characters introduced from Slayers:
Lina Inverse
Gourry Gabriev
Zelgadiss Graywords
Amelia Wil Tesla Sailune

We get to see not only their new art, but also the new Mirrage Artes they'll get, including Lina's iconic Dragon Slave! That's not all that's shown in the video though. As is usual for Rays crossovers, a select group of Tales characters will get to dress up as characters from the other franchise. Here is a list of which Tales character is dressing up as which Slayers character:
Reid will be dressed as Xelloss. They both share the same voice actor, Akira Ishida!
Farah dresses up as Amelia. Even just looking at the video we can see why: they both use an energetic barehanded fighting style!
Natalia's costume represents Naga, taking her trademark laugh fitting her status as a princess.
Guy matches with Gourry, referencing the fact they are both voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto!

Slayers fans and Tales fans with sharp ears may recognize Hikaru Midorikawa as the voice of Zelgadiss as well. Unfortunately, it does not seem Leon will be getting a collaboration outfit with him, but they may make a reference to this fact in the event.

For those who don't know what to expect from Collaboration events, this one should naturally come with a Free Multi, Dia step up, Panel Missions and multiple banners that share Grade. Each Slayers character will have a full moveset with one Mirrage Arte and Master Arte each. The featured Tales characters should get Collaboration Mirrage Artes that come with the collab costumes, and Collaboration 5* Master Artes as well! The Artes will be new and based on moves the character they're dressing up as used in Slayers. We can't be too sure about the event format. Most collaboration events used the Raid format, but a few didn't. The only other time we got 4 collab characters at once was the Gintama event (which also gave us 5 Tales characters with collab costumes), and that was split into two parts and used the farming formula.

Either way, expect this event to start closer to when the Eternia event will end, which is on the 20th! Our full timetable for that event is here. We'll be sure to keep you updates as more updates roll in. Until then, prepare your stash for this new event!

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