Tales of The Rays November 2019 Preview: 1000 Day Anniversary, Spirit Gears and more!

An Unexpected Zelos has Occured

In November, Tales of The Rays will reach its 1000 day anniversary, and a LOT is happening this month as a result.

Bandai Namco's Youtube Channel has dropped a bomb on us with their November preview, earlier than usual! Of course it's to give us extra time because there's a LOT this month.

First things first, new story additions! Long awaited due to being featured in the intro and title screen art since this arc started, we're finally getting Fractured Milla from Tales of Xillia 2! And with her comes a new Overray, this time for Julius from the same game, featuring his Chromatus!

Next, it seems they really are committed to making raids more frequent, because we're getting a new Boss Raid! This time we get to battle Shizel from Tales of Eternia! Unlike the last raid with Schwartz, we will also be able to recruit her as well in the usual capture battle format. And of course, with a boss raid comes new decisive mirrages: this time for Farah and, fittingly enough, Meredy! Just like the last few raids, the third featured character will be getting an overray instead, making that two overrays this month! Congratulations to Reid for getting the next Overray mirrage for this event, and therefore having access to both an Overray and Decisive Mirrage!

Next is a new tie-in event for Tales of Petit Tour! As we've previously reported, Tales of Petit Tour will take place on November 16 and 17. This event will feature Zelos, who may get a new hot springs themed costume and, surprisingly, a mirrage arte as well!

Those aren't the only costumes we're getting! This month we're getting another new batch of spirit gears! First is Velvet who fittingly has a fire element Spirit Gear, drawing from Efreet.  Next up is Kor whose electrifying Spirit Gear is derived from Volt! Finally, Estelle will be the one bearing Undine's Spirit gear! Undine will no longer be the only one of the original four spirits to not give someone a Spirit Gear, and she and Volt are getting Spirit Gears for the first time this batch. In addition to the cut-in art for all three, we also get to see a little snippet of Estelle's Spirit Gear Mirrage Arte in action, but not the whole thing.

And that's it for November! The 1000 day anniversary event will be on the 25th with more info about it coming soon. Technically we're only getting two new characters, but there's a lot happening this month to make up for it. There isn't even any room to fit a seasonal event! And good thing, too. Between a raid and a spirit gear event, there'll be a lot of farming going on. Stay tuned for news on each event as they come!

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