Tales of The Rays November 2019 Spirit Gear Event Now Live!

Fire, Water and Lightning!

Velvet, Kor and Estelle's Spirit Gears are finally here!

Ready for the next round of spirit gears? Just as we saw in the preview, this month we're getting a new batch of Spirit Gears: This time for Velvet, who will get a Spirit Gear based on Efreet; Kor, powered by Volt; and Estelle making a splash with Undine! Just like usual, these Spirit Gears come with New CostumesNew Mirrage Artes and New Mirrage Arte Cut-Ins! Spirit Gear Mirrage artes take a separate equipment slot and require a separate gauge, so it's the perfect thing to make characters more powerful. If you want to acquire a Spirit Gear, they can be acquired through Gacha or just by farming for enough fragments to make them! Note that even if you have a spirit gear, the fragments are required to upgrade it anyway, and getting a duplicate through gacha will give you more fragments instead.

The Event Period will run from November 14th, 14:00 JST to November 29th 13:59 JST, while the associated banners (one normal and one step up) will run from November 14th, 14:00 JST to November 29th 00:59 JST. The Spirit Gear Banner will also have New 5* Mirrage Gears! While they tie into the Spirit Gear event, they don't come with Spirit Gears and are only available through gacha.

Check out their costumes and artes below!

Velvet (Efreet)

Kor (Volt)

Estelle (Undine)

Interestingly enough, Estelle's new 5* is Holy Rain, with the Master Arte turning it into Nightingale. But it still has the Holy Rain effect, meaning Nighting Gale is an attack and a healing move this time around!

As usual, be sure to check back here soon for more detailed event coverage!

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