Tales of The Rays Story Update: Heldalf Attacks!

Kittybeard Strikes!

Tales of The Rays has just updated to version 4.63, and with it comes a story update that also doubles as a Raid event. Be sure to grab the latest version of the app to keep playing!
While not the first time it's happened, it's very rare for a story chapter in Tales of The Rays to also be an event. The previous instance of this was for the final chapter of Arc 2, and it was done for the final chapter of Arc 1 as well. We're not at the final chapter for Arc 4 yet, but the production team has decided this chapter will double as a raid event, and an opportunity to introduce a new set of decisive Mirrages.

The boss of this Raid is Tales of Zestiria's own Heldalf. However, he is not obtainable as a playable character, appearing simply as a Raid Boss. However, four Zestiria characters are getting new Decisive Mirrage Artes, 5* Artes and costumes! They are RoseDezelZaveid and Symonne. Like usual, their arte and costume previews will be at the bottom of this article.

In the meantime, here's a list of times to keep track of for this event, as well as details on how to complete it below.

Vs. Heldalf Raid Battle Start Time End Time
Story Chapter (End Time for Story Missions) September 20, 14:00 JST October 31st, 23:59 JST
Raid Battle Period September 20, 14:00 JST September 30, 10:59 JST
Zestiria Decisive Mirrage Arte Gacha Banner September 20, 14:00 JST October 31st, 10:59 JST
Zestiria Decisive Mirrage Arte Ticket Banner September 20, 14:00 JST November 7th, 10:59 JST

In order to complete the story missions, you simply have to do all the quests on Normal and Hard mode, completing the chapter. However, the final quest in the chapter, Chapter 15, is currently unavailable, with Hard Mode completely locked off. How do you unlock them? It requires a group effort, and that's where the raid comes in.

The first thing you have to do is complete every available quest the latest story chapter. That's Arc 4 Chapter 12. It'll look like this.

Once you do so, you'll unlock the Raid in the events tab, which will look like this. Touch the banner to start the Raid.

After clicking through you'll end up on the Raid screen, showing the percentage of completion we're at. The percentage increases as every player collectively completes Raid quests. Touch the green icon in the center of the screen.

You'll be at the quest list, starting with the easiest difficulty. Complete each quest to unlock the next difficulty until you reach the highest.

Each quest will pit you against Heldalf and his minions. You gain points after completing each quest based on the difficulty, how fast you cleared them, how damaging your longest combo was and the team you used.

When selecting characters to form a team you can see what percentage of bonus they give, and can even sort your characters to easily find the highest percentage bonus. Your best bet is to use the characters with the highest numbers that also let you consistently clear a raid quest.

The actual point value of each quest is about the same per AP spent playing the quest, so if you can't consistently clear a higher difficulty, don't be afraid to use a lower difficulty to farm. The highest difficulty does have the highest potential bonus, but getting bonuses of 3% on the highest difficulty is less efficient than 5% on a lower difficulty.

So how many points should you contribute? The event will continue even after the raid is completed if all players contribute enough before the event period ends. It's still worth it to farm points because of the many rewards for individually gathering points, as well as the missions to clear the raid quests up to 40 times. There's a ticket for a guaranteed Mirrage Arte at 1.5 million, and another one at 3 million. If you make it to 3 Million however, be aware there are no rewards past that milestone, so it becomes a good time to stop.

And with all that done, let's look at the artes and costumes! Rose, Dezel and Zaveid get costumes based on Zestiria DLC. Rose gets her outfit from the School DLC, while Dezel and Zaveid get their costumes from the Summer DLC. I guess the Summer of Rays truly isn't over yet! Symonne meanwhile gets an entirely new costume-another school outfit, matching the theme of Rose's costume!

Now for the individual artes.





And that's that! Hope everyone has fun fighting another final boss in Rays' LMBS. A new month is upon us as well, so we'll be back soon to show you the October preview and whatever new events come next month!

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