Tales of Arise & Tales of 25th Anniversary Cafe Impressions

To celebrate Tales of Arise’s release and the Tales of series’ 25th anniversary, a collaboration cafe is being held at GG Shibuya Mobile esports cafe&bar until September 23rd.

Originally, this was supposed to run until the 16th only, so I’ve resigned myself to not being able to go due to my schedule not permitting it. Imagine my surprise and delight when I heard that the collaboration was extended until the 23rd!

A ticket system was implemented today to avoid congestion, but I was thankfully able to snag a spot during lunch time as a walk-in customer. I likely have the rain to thank for that.

Each food and drink order nets you a random bonus paper coaster. I got Rinwell, Kisara, and the TOV anniversary coaster to go with my meal. I ordered the mabo curry, Kisara drink, and the TOV anniversary drink. All were good and thoughtfully prepared.

The drinks really bring their respective characters to mind and I think the mixing of all these flavors give them a unique taste and make the experience very much worth it! Better than just serving plain orange juice for the same price and passing it off as a Kisara drink, let’s say.

The mabo curry itself was more flavorful than the mabo curries I buy from the convenience store or Kitchen Origin, perhaps due to the curry roux used. It also tastes quite different from the other Tales cafe mabo curry I’ve tried, and I mean that in a good way!

TL;DR, it was good!

Here is a list of the other available food and drinks in the store:


  • Mabo Curry (recipe by cooking expert Ryuji)
  • Oriental Rice (recipe by cooking expert Ryuji)
  • Hamburger
  • Hootle Pancake


  • Alphen (Blue syrup + soda, ramune ice cream + whipped cream, chocolate sauce + strawberry sauce, color sprinkles, mint)
  • Shionne (Grenadine syrup + soda, strawberry ice cream + whipped cream, strawberry sauce, color sprinkles, mint)
  • Rinwell (Blue syrup + pineapple juice + yogurt drink, chocolate mint ice cream + whipped cream, chocolate sauce, color sprinkles, mint)
  • Law (Grape juice + yogurt drink, cassis ice cream + whipped cream, chocolate sauce, color sprinkles, mint)
  • Kisara (Banana syrup + mango juice + yogurt drink, mango ice cream + whipped cream, chocolate sauce, color sprinkles, mint)
  • Dohalim (Iced coffee + cocoa, caramel ice cream + whipped cream, chocolate sauce, color sprinkles, mint)
  • Tales of Eternia: Reid & Farah (Orange juice + cranberry juice, matcha ice cream + whipped cream, chocolate sauce, color sprinkles, mint)
  • Tales of Vesperia: Yuri & Estelle (Chocolate syrup + strawberry milk, cassis ice cream + whipped cream, chocolate syrup, color sprinkles, mint)

After you’re done with your meal, you may buy some of the limited edition goods from the cafe.

I grabbed a blind acrylic coaster pack and got Dohalim! Also, I managed to trade my Rinwell coaster for a Shionne one with another customer, bless their kind heart.

There’s only less than a week left, but if you happen to be around Tokyo, I’d recommend dropping by if you can! If I manage to go and visit again, I’m definitely trying that oriental rice and Hootle pancake!

For more information, please visit the collaboration website and the GG Shibuya Twitter.

Tales of Arise
Tales of AriseTales of Arise is the latest mothership title (new classification: original title) of the Tales of Series which was first announced during Microsoft’s Press Conference in E3 2019. The game was released for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC Digital via Steam on September 9, 2021 for Asia and Japan and September 10, 2021 for the rest of the world. The game features use of the Unreal Engine 4 and works on the theme of tradition versus evolution of the series.

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