New Tales of Zestiria Screenshots - Maltran, Real Map System and Anime Scenes

A bunch of new Tales of Zestiria screenshots are now online, featuring new characters Maltran and Bartlow, the Real Map System and some of the game's animated cutscenes.

But before that, the Tales of Zestiria official Japanese website has been updated today with the proper character name spellings. They're the same as the one from Dengeki yesterday, save for Arisha, which is now Alisha. Since this is from the official site, we'll follow this for now until the localized names come out. Official spellings for the latest two characters are Maltran and Bartlow.


This is the official name spelling according to the website.


More On The Game's Story

Despite the fact that people seek the Priest as their savior in times of need, such as during an era of calamity, Sorey's display of power as the Priest brought not hope, but only fear among the populace. For an ordinary person with no power, seeing power like that of the Priest makes them see it as something not normal, something akin to the Hyouma monsters.

Lailah holds a personal pledge that grants her special power via a rite. Should she come across power greater than her own ability, the rule of it is broken and it becomes a double-edged sword that results in a dreadful recoil. She apparently uses this pledge to exorcise the unclean using her Purifying Flame. It is unknown what the specific rule of the pledge is, and seems to be related to her past. When the topic is brought up, Lailah starts acting extremely odd and just changes the subject.

New Area: Trisizol Cave

An underground cave said to be at the edge of the Greenwood continent. The place is made up of crystallized pillars, shrouding the entire place in a wondrous blue glow. It is believed that the crystals accumulated light throughout time, but the truth is unknown. The wonder of this place has brought forth many poems and songs about its beauty.

New Area: Folquen Hills

A group of hills at the base of the sacred mountain of Reiforc. The constant rainfall all year round brings forth greenery in the place, and a river called Gryphlet river divides the area into two. Though the river may sometimes overflow and cause flash floods, it also acts as a sort of final defense barrier of the Highland Kingdom as a natural moat.

Map Actions

Sword Swing - Sorey can use his sword to break branches and other things.

Silver Flame - Using Lailah's power, the player can create flames that may be used as a gimmick in dungeons.

Spirit Mist Robe - Using Mikleo's power, the player can become temporarily invisible from the enemy's eyes, but movement speed decreases as compensation.

Chief's Arm - Using Edna's power, the player is able to break various rocks that may be blocking potential roads.

Using Dezel's power, the player can use the wind to go across areas that are considerably apart.

Accompanying Character

Apparently you only choose one character to accompany you in this situation.

Real Map Battle

Lailah's Mystic Arte: Enbu Rengekiha

Animated Cutscenes by ufotable

Tales of Zestiria will be released in Japan, North America and Europe sometime in the future. Pre-orders are now available at the following shops:

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