Tales of The Rays - Vs. Nebilim Raid Event is here!

Oh, and so is Dist The Runny

Tales of The Rays is sending June off with a new boss raid against a familiar foe from Tales of The Abyss and the introduction of an unexpected ally. This Article has been updated.

The last addition from June's preview is finally here. Dist The Reaper from Tales of The Abyss makes his debut as a fully playable party member for the first time in the series! Surprisingly enough, he is not the target of this month's raid despite being a recurring antagonist in his source game. That would be Nebilim! Unfortunately she won't be playable (yet) but her connection to Dist The Rose and especially Jade makes her a fitting fight for the event. Speaking of which, the returning featured characters are Jade, Anise and Ion. Just like the Legendia event which also featured an unplayable boss, the featured characters won't be all Decisive Mirrage artes. Anise and Ion will get them, but Jade will be getting an Overray Mirrage Arte! The event times are below.

Raid - Vs. Nebilim Start Time End Time
Event Quests/Raid Period June 30th, 14:00 JST July 7th, 13:59 JST
Raid Banner - Jade, Dist, Ion, Anise June 30th, 14:00 JST July 31st, 13:59 JST
Step-up Banners June 30th, 14:00 JST July 12th, 13:59 JST

Update: After extended maintenance, all bugs have been fixed, compensation dia has been given out, and the banners are back online..  When the bug is fixed they will put the banner up, and this article will update! Until then, there are 3 new Step Ups, one of which has a free first step, so take advantage of them! As for the previews. there's no costume preview in the tweets themselves, but there IS a separate tweet for all of them and a good look at Nebilim's cut-in.

As you can see, most of these costumes are returning from Tales of the Abyss, but touched up. Jade gets his Doctor Mambo costume title while Anise gets Childish. Since Ion wasn't playable in Abyss, his costume is new too: a matching uniform with Anise. He even has a little moon shaped bag to go with her star shaped bag! Dist meanwhile gets his alternate personal attire which is seen in later parts of Abyss. His default outfit is his God General uniform.

Dist The Runny

This is really exciting for people who know enough about Tales of The Abyss. Dist's Mirrage arte is D-Buster. This would have been his mystic arte in Tales of The Abyss, but it went unused in the final game. Enterprising fans found data for it in the game's files. It finally comes to life in Tales of The Rays!


Ion here sacrifices his life (debuffing his max HP) to heal the party and attack the enemy. What a selfless person...



Jade's Overray Mirrage Arte preview was not uploaded at the time of this writing, but from the previews we can see he uses the Catalyst Weapon known as Nebilim, which is a fitting reference to the Planetary Fonic Arte which required the placement of all Catalyst weapons! He also uses Raging Mist for one of his new 5* artes.

That's it for this event. As always, stick around for future news!

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