Tales of The Rays Fairy's Requiem Final Chapter Part 1 Begins!

The Beginning of The End

The 3rd Arc of Tales of The Rays is finally reaching its long overdue conclusion.

After a 3 hour maintenance, Tales Of The Rays: Fairy's Requiem Final Chapter Part 1 finally released. The new character coming in the story this time around is Rays original character Nazar. Those keeping up with the story may recognize him as the final boss of the second arc, Mirrage Prison. He used Ix' moveset as a boss, but even though they didn't update his costume he'll be using an entirely different moveset as a playable character. This time around he has a dagger to go along with his sword and new artes that use both of them! Also as a special surprise, his sister Mercuria will be joining as well! She won't be recruited in the story just yet, but the devs decided to let her in early via gacha. Pull her 5* or Mirrage Arte to get her too! She was an antagonist up until this point (though one that grew more and more sympathetic) but she was never fought before, so we'll be able to see how she fights for the first time as a playable character.

In addition to those two, we're also getting our first Crossover Mirrage Arte! This was shown in the preview. The first crossover Mirrage arte is between Ix and Mileena. You roll for it like any other Mirrage Arte, but what's special is that it can be equipped by either character AND it can be used in a special way without equipping, by having both characters next to each other on a team and enough MG between them to use it. Doing it this way results in a special cut in! Ix and Mileena will also be getting their Reverse 5* artes as well, making them both the first characters to have 4 5* artes. They'll be in the same banner with Nazar and Mercuria. There are also New Costumes for rolling the Mirrage artes this banner: Nazar and Mercuria get simple palette swaps, but Ix gets Nazar's costume and Mileena gets Gefion's costume!

The banner and chapter information is below, with previews even further down.

Final Chapter Part 1 Start Date End Date
Gacha Banner June 25th, 18:00 JST July 27th, 13:59 JST
Ticket Banner June 25th, 1800 JST August 3rd, 13:59 JST
Step Up Banner June 25th, 18:00 JST July 9th, 13:59 JST
Story Missions (For Enhance Orbs and Mirrage Shards) June 25th, 18:00 JST July 28th, 2020

All that said, here's the preview tweets and videos for the new characters and mirrage artes. Also, new preview videos for Kongwai's Overray Mirrage Arte and Lloyd's Spirit Gear Mirrage Arte due to updating the voice lines! They were unable to record new lines on time due to the situation involving Covid-19, so it's great that they were able to update them as quick as they did.



Ix and Mileena

(If you use the Kocis costume for Ix, the voice will be different!)

Kongwai (new voice line)

Lloyd (new voice line)

That's all for now. The story will conclude properly next month with Final Chapter part 2, and then after that Arc 4: Last Cradle will begin!

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