Tales of The Rays x Slayers Collaboration Part 2 Begins!


Did you have fun with the Slayers event the last 10 days? Part 1 may have ended, but the crossover festivities are not over. This time we get to see the Tales characters join in on the fun too!

Update: The Raid boss has revealed himself to be Xelloss from Slayers. We have added his preview tweet and Mirrage Arte animation at the bottom of the article!

Our article on Part 1, detailing the Slayers characters and what they get is here. For part 2, 4 lucky Tales characters get artes and costumes based on characters from Slayers.  They are Reid taking the role of Xelloss (due to sharing the same Voice Actor in Japan: Akira Ishida); Guy dressing like Gourry (another voice actor joke since they are both voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto), Natalia posessed by the spirit of Naga (who we get to fight in Part 1!) and finally Farah gets her outfit from Amelia. Also, in addition to collaboration Mirrage Artes and 5*s, each character will also get new Reverse 5*s, which will be available even after the collaboration is over! Like usual, the previews for their artes and costumes will be at the bottom of this article.

While Part 1 is over and you can no longer farm the 40 AP quest, the actual story quests are still available for the remainder of the event. So if you missed part 1, you can still recruit the Slayers characters and get the story and dia! The actual part 2 event is a Raid Event. It uses the standard Raid format, which we'll explain below! But first, here's a new timetable to keep in mind as we go through the event. Keep in mind everything Slayers related will only be available until the event is over.

Slayers Part 2 Raid Start Time End Time
Raids And Rewards November 30th, 14:00 JST December 10th, 10:59 JST
Part 1 Quests November 30th, 14:00 JST December 10th, 10:59 JST
Collab Banners and Step Up Banners November 30th, 14:00 JST December 10th, 10:59 JST
Banner Grade Shops November 30th, 14:00 JST December 10th, 23:59 JST
Collab Tickets November 30th, 14:00 JST December 10th, 23:59 JST
Homescreen and Panel Missions November 30th, 14:00 JST December 10th, 10:59 JST

Here's how the raid works: players are given a selection of bosses to fight, and each boss has their own selection of quests where the boss gets continually harder. You want to clear all quests for the dia, but the real reason to fight the boss is that you earn points for each win. The higher the difficulty, the higher your base point value, and you can earn even more by using the featured event characters, clearing the fight fast and getting a damaging combo. Earn enough points and you get free rewards from a list, automatically given when you reach the required point values and placed in your home screen gift boxes.

Earned points also contribute to a global total which tallies up all points earned by everyone participating in the raid. When everyone contributes enough points to the raid, the next raid boss will be unlocked, until the raid is completed. On completion, higher difficulties will be unlocked, giving players more opportunities for dia and more options to build up higher point values! To put it simply, you want to make a team that gives the highest bonus multiplier (indicated by a percentage when making a team for the event), defeat the boss as fast as possible (ideally finishing them off in one damaging combo) and on the highest difficulty you're consistently able to fight with. The event's featured characters have a higher natural bonus, but it's possible for a player to have a non-event character that gives higher bonus. If you want you could also sacrifice your bonus for a character you feel would make the boss easier, though each fight is designed for the featured event team. Even if the raid's completed globally, you can still keep fighting to raise your own personal score.

If you want to know how many points you should shoot for, then I would suggest aiming for 300,000, as that's when you're done getting all materials and mirrage shards for the event. Everything after is more tickets, gifts and dia. However ideally you want to shoot for 3 million, which is the highest possible reward. 3 Million Points gives you a ticket to select one of the featured Tales character's Collaboration Mirrage Arte for free. There's also a 5* select at 1.5 million! With one of these you don't need to worry about getting unlucky at the gacha for one of them. There's a small chance the step ups don't give you the Mirrage Arte you want, so this is very generous. So how does one reach 3 million? The best way is to contribute to the raid until it's completed, which should unlock quests with the highest possible base point value. At that point, start farming that quest, and refill your AP using AP orbs from story missions and skits as well as from your dia to keep attempting the quest. We don't know what the highest base point value will be yet, but basically this does mean not to worry too much about refilling AP before the raid reaches completion. Don't worry too much about using your dia for AP refills: the number of free gacha tickets you get followed by guaranteed select tickets means you're getting more value out of your dia than if you just used it on the gacha itself!

As you can see, after completing a raid quest, you'll have an extra results screen tallying up your points. It uses the base point value of the quest (which you can see above the AP cost when selecting a quest) and then adds multipliers based on the bonuses of the team you used, how long it took you to clear the quest, the highest damaging combo you did and also a multiplier based on the global score. You don't want to simply defeat the enemies, you want to do it efficiently as possible! Raid quests are the perfect chance to flex your builds and skills, and take advantage of Rays' surprisingly deep Linear Motion Battle System.

There's a new set of missions on the home screen as well. These get you currency to use in the Part 1 event shop (helpful if you missed some stuff, since you can no longer farm in the event directly) as well as 6th enhancement orbs. They're easy to do, simply use a total of 400 AP and 20 Mirrage Artes each day (these missions restart daily) and bring Natalia, Guy, Reid and Farah into your raid battles for a total of 10 times. You'll clear these before you know it.

There's another panel for Part 2! It's available on the home screen, just hit the new green icon on the bottom right. Complete all the missions on the panel to get a guaranteed Gacha Mirrage Arte ticket! You'll also get a good amount of dia and other rewards for each part of the panel. Every time you clear one of the missions on it you'll be automatically taken to it each time you're on the home screen as well. Here are the requirements for each mission:

Defeat the first Raid Boss Defeat the second Raid Boss Use Mirrage Artes 5 Times
Defeat 10 Enemies Use 50 AP Use 200 AP
Use 400 AP Collect 3 Log-In Bonuses Collect 7 Log-in Bonuses

Let's talk about the gacha banners themselves, since like in part 1, a different pattern is used compared to previous collaborations. Before, the Tales side of each collab only got one banner dedicated to them. This time, there's a regular banner and 2 step up banners. The first is a Dia Step Up banner! Unfortunately, you can only use dia up to step 5, but having dia step ups at all makes this more generous than how previous collaborations treated the Tales side. If you're willing to pay, finishing the steps gives you another 5* select ticket, and the second Step Up banner is paid currency only! Both the step ups and the regular banner share Grade, so advancing the step ups even if you don't use paid currency can make it easier to build grade and get what you want than just rolling regularly.

You can touch the Step button on the bottom right to see the chances of getting what you want. At Step 5, a collaboration Mirrage Arte is guaranteed!

If you have a select ticket and want to use it, touch the tab with the purple ticket icon in the gacha list.

And that's it for the part 2 event. The event shop and banners for Part 1 are still up too, so take advantage of those if you want stuff for the Slayers characters proper! Also, for a bit of news unrelated to the event, a new Reverse 5* for Ix just released. This Reverse 5* was not only given to everyone for free, it's also possible to get enough copies to Max Limit Boost it without touching the Gacha, which are detailed in this chart.

To translate, there are 5 copies of the Reverse 5* in total, enough to Max Limit Boost. One is given to every player for free, two more are available in the Tower Shop, one more in the All-Out-Tower shop and finally one last one is available by completing Arc 4 Chapter 2 on Hard Mode. There's a limited time to do this, so don't miss out on free gear for one of the game's best characters!

Finally, here are the Artes and costumes for this event!

Group shot of all the characters this event! The Slayers characters are in the middle with the Tales characters next to them on each side.

Reid (Xelloss)

Since Xelloss primarily fights with magic, Reid naturally uses magic for his new artes as well! We know him as a regular swordsman, so his quote teases that it's a secret as to how he can use magic.

Farah (Amelia)

Farah gets a one-inch punch for her new Mirrage Arte. Her new 5* is Sonic Fist OF JUSTICE. If it looks familiar, it's because it's her classic arte from Eternia, Sonic Fist (later translated as Talon Storm), but in order to represent Amelia, the arte now stands for JUSTICE.

Guy (Gourry)

Guy's new Collaboration Artes are naturally based on Gourry from Slayers, but his new reverse 5* is surprisingly completely original for Rays rather than one of his artes from Abyss.

Natalia (Naga)

Natalia's collaboration 5* is an offensive spell, a first for the character. Her new Reverse 5* is  also Aerial Laser! Surprisingly her Master Arte variation is not Astral Laser, but rather a new ice elemental variant.


The boss of the raid reveals himself to be Xelloss, the same character Reid gets his costume from. He has a unique moveset, art and even a Mirrage Arte! When he was unlocked in the raid, he was given a preview tweet like the other characters, but unfortunately we're warned that he won't be playable due to being loyal to Zelas. Wonder what the reward for completing the raid will be, then?

That's about it for this event. If there's anything you're unsure of or want to know more about, leave a comment, a reply on our social media accounts or join our discord and we may even update this article. Otherwise, have fun with this event and be on the look out for more news in the future! We also hope to have our Part 4 overview article up soon as well.

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