Tales of Crestoria: Xmas Summons

Sorey and Mikleo in Xmas outfits!

Xmas Premium Summons

Tales of Crestoria has announced that the next Premium Summons will feature SSR memoria stones with Xmas-themed art for Sorey and Mikleo! The memoria stones are named "Sorey [A Long-Awaited Gift]" and "Mikleo [Substitute Reindeer]." Like other summons, a 10x summon (costing 2,500 gleamstones) will guarantee at least one SR memoria stone. If you receive either of these memoria stones from the summons, the featured character will also join your team as a playable character and their themed outfit will be added to the Character Room. Both Sorey and Mikleo already have SSR characters and memoria stones in their standard game outfits, but these are their first ones with special outfits.

Christmas Sorey

The new Sorey memoria stone has a maximum HP of 12,000, a max ATK of 1,500, and max DEF of 800. His maxed out memoria skill is Mastery VI (Sword), which provides +60% damage to sword-type allies' mystic artes. Sorey himself has a maximum HP of 29,000, max ATK of 2,750, and max DEF of 2,750 at level 100 when fully awakened. His awakened character skill is called "Tis Better to Give" and provides a +5% max HP to all allies as well as a 5% chance to reset water allies' artes cooldown. His artes are Phantasm Flash (160% ATK, 2 hits, 1 enemy) and Rending Gale (140% ATK, 2 hits, 1 enemy, 30% chance to decrease 1 enemy's DEF by 20% for 2 turns). His mystic arte is Slay Ride (240% ATK, 1 hit, all enemies). The art for both the character and memoria stone features Sorey in a Santa outfit with the Shepherd symbol on his hat. He is standing in front of a Xmas tree and presenting a wrapped gift.

Christmas Mikleo

The new Mikleo memoria stone has a maximum HP of 15,500, a max ATK of 1,400, and max DEF of 550. His maxed out memoria skill is Invigorate VI (Dark), which increases the OL Gauge of dark allies by 27 each turn. Mikleo himself has a maximum HP of 27,500, max ATK of 3,200, and max DEF of 2,500 at level 100 when fully awakened. His awakened character skill is called "Santa's Deputy" and provides a +20% ATK increase to dark allies. His artes are Spiral Strike (170% ATK, 3 hits, 1 enemy) and Ice Reaver (220% ATK, 2 hits, 1 enemy). His mystic arte is Trinity Crash (430% ATK, 2 hits, 2 enemy). Mikleo's art for both the character and memoria stone shows him wearing a Santa coat, reindeer ears and antlers, and a bell around his around. He is sitting in front of a cozy fireplace, looking over Santa's list.

Xmas attachments

There are also several Xmas-themed attachments and a background available through various missions during the month of December. For the Xmas attachments collection, Tales of Crestoria has added a Santa hat, reindeer mask, and reindeer headband (like the one in Mikleo's art). The Xmas background can be applied to the Home screen and Character Rooms. It features a a snowy town scene with lit-up buildings, a giant Xmas tree, and a snow-polwigle with a Santa hat. This Summon will run for about two weeks from Monday, November 30th, at 2:00am EST to Wednesday, December 16th, at 1:59am EST. The attachment missions are available at the same time, but run until Monday, December 28th, at 1:59am EST. Good luck!

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