Tales of The Rays x Slayers Collaboration Event Part 1 Has Begun! + Version 4.0.2 Now Live

Sadly, Sorey is not present

The second event for November is here: The Slayers collab shown in the November preview! Just like the Gintama Event from earlier in the year, this event will be split into two parts. This time, the first part will be focusing on our guest characters! This event works unusually, so read on to see how it works!
First things first. We have not one, not two but four guest characters this time: Lina Inverse the Magical Genius; Gourry Gabriev, her self-appointed protector; Zelgadiss Graywords the chimera and Amelia Wil Tesla Sailune the princess of Justice. That's enough characters to make a full party and pretend this is actually a Slayers game. Nonetheless they all have a full set of Artes, including one Mirrage Arte and 5* Arte each. Their 5* art even uses original novel art! In addition to these, the main character Lina will have an alternate costume based on her appearance from Volume 16 of the original novels. Costume and arte previews will be shown at the bottom of the article, like usual.

By the way, it's not enough that each character has a full moveset to use in LMBS. A unique mechanic was introduced for Lina. Her iconic Dragon Slave would be incomplete without its trademark incantation, and Dragon Slave is her Mirrage Arte. So for her, when using her Mirrage Arte, instead of instantly showing the cut-in and activating the Arte, she instead goes into a casting animation and starts going through the incantation. If she's attacked at all during this time, she'll counter with a weaker version of Dragon Slave. If your team manages to keep enemies busy for the entire 15 seconds needed to finish the incantation, however, she'll do the full version of Dragon Slave. When used like this, Dragon Slave is the strongest attack in Tales of The Rays. This is a perfect representation of the iconic spell: Lina's known to level cities using the spell, and Gourry is known to keep foes busy while she readies her spells. With 4 characters and a unique mechanic for one of them, the developers of Rays show they can give the same TLC to even collaboration properties as they do to the Tales series! Of course, all the previous collaborations have shown that as well. The tweet below gives a good look at Lina's incantation and how long it takes (15 seconds!)

Let's move on to how the event works. It'll last 10 days and use the classic currency farming format complete with 15 AP challenge quest at the end, with a slight twist. There's two currencies like usual: a low tier common currency most characters give and rarer high tier currency given by the featured characters: The Slayers cast. The Artes you set determine how much bonus each character gives, with 4 and 5* weapons giving the most. This bonus is added after every treasure chest you collect and encounter you win. Unfortunately, the Tales characters set to get Colloration Artes and costumes do not give a bonus, nor are their artes and costumes released yet, so it's suggested to focus on the Slayers characters. So what's the twist? The farming stage, which costs 40 AP and is unlocked after completing the event quests, also has an extra bit of currency: A ticket. 100 of these tickets can be exchanged for a 5* Select for the Slayers characters. 200 of them can be exchanged for a Mirrage Arte Select, also for the slayers characters. This is extremely generous as it allows players to eventually get the 5* or Mirrage Artes they want for the Slayers characters without having to Gacha for them. And since they are selects, you won't have to rely on chance at all! Here's a chart of each currency as well as how to get them.

Type of Currency How To Obtain
Bag O' Gold
Collect these from the 40 AP farming quest. Use non-featured characters in your farming team like so to earn more for each enemy you defeat and treasures you collect.
Collect these from the 40 AP farming quest. Use featured characters in your farming team like so to earn more for each enemy you defeat and treasures you collect.
Special Ticket
One Ticket is awarded upon completion of the 40 AP quest. If you're lucky, the golden wolf shown in the picture will spawn, awarding you with 2 extra tickets. Multiple Golden Wolves can spawn in a quest.

So what's the best course of action for the event? After rolling however much you want to on the gacha (more on that later) and clearing the quests, start using AP orb sources (Story quests and skits) to refill your AP and increase your maximum to play the 40 AP event quest and collect more tickets. Once you've exhausted your supply of AP orbs, start using Dia or Mirrogems to refill your AP and farm more. At around 200 AP, it becomes legitimately cheaper to spend on AP refills to farm for guaranteed Mirrage Arte drops than rolling on the gacha. For example, at 240 AP, it'll take 200 dia at most to refill your AP and have enough runs for a Mirrage Select. You almost don't need to roll at all! Though it is suggested to roll a little, just to get a full set of 3 and 4* artes for each character. And with luck, you might even get a Gacha Mirrage or 5* to ease your farming too!

There's plenty of sources of dia as well. In addition to the event quests, this time you get dia for levelling each of the event characters every step of the way, all the way to level 70. Furthermore as rainbow anima characters, their bond level increases faster, leading to a lot of bond dia and even trophy dia! Everyone receives free gifts as of this event, so feel free to use them on the event characters. On top of that, there are new home screen panel missions for players to complete, the requirements of which will be shown below. All of these can ease the burden of spending to farm or gacha.

Speaking of the gacha, things work a little differently this time. There are Two Step Up Banners and a regular banner with a Free Single and a Free Multi. There's no reason not to take advantage of the free pulls, especially since there's no inventory limits! Let's talk about the step up banners. This time, we have a paid Mirrogem Step Up, and a partial Dia Step up. The Dia Steps appear first, on top of the list, and each step increases the chances of getting a Gacha Mirrage or 5* Arte, and some steps even guaranteeing one or the other. You also get tickets along the way. However, Steps 6 and 7 no longer take Dia. This time they are Mirrogems only. If you were playing before version 4 came, you should have a lot of free Mirrogems to use on those steps, otherwise they're only available for players willing to drop real money. This may seem unfair, but on the other hand you can get the Mirrage Artes and 5*s by farming and skip gacha entirely, so it's sort of a tradeoff. Completing step 7 gives you a 5* select ticket, the same kind you can earn in the farming stage. If you simply want to do the free pulls, It's the third Slayers banner, with 0 cost on a Mirrogem Single and Dia Multi, as well as a half-off Mirrogem Multi if you were so inclined.

If you exhausted the step ups but aren't satisfied, that's where the second Mirrogem step up banner comes in. It's paid only, but it can be looped multiple times. If you're willing to support Rays for its wonderful gameplay and choice in crossovers, maybe this is your chance? Otherwise, there's no forced incentive to pay, as again, the 5* and Mirrage Artes are no longer gacha exclusive and can be farmed for. On that subject, you can find the select tickets by touching the tab with the purple ticket on it in the gacha list. Simply use one and you'll be taken to a screen where you can select one of the artes!

Next, here's a list of the home screen panels and their missions. By completing these panels, you not only get a ton of dia, but also free guaranteed Mirrage Arte tickets! There's only one panel for most players, but new players get a second new player focused panel as well.

Clear The First Slayers Event Quest Clear The Second Slayers Event Quest Use a Mirrage Arte 5 Times
Defeat 10 Enemies Clear A Quest With Lina In Your Party 5 Times Clear A Quest With Lina In Your Party 10 Times
Use 200 AP in total Log In on 3 separate days (collect log-in bonuses!) Log In on 7 separate days (collect log-in bonuses!)

(We sincerely apologize for not having a better image of the newcomer panel, with all panels visible. Rest assured we still have all the missions required for it here!)

Clear Arc 1 Chapter 1 On Normal Clear Material Farming Quest Once Raise Ix' Equipment Level To 10
Raise Ix' Character Level To 30 Raise Mileena's Equipment Level To 10 Raise Mileena's Character Level To 30
Use 20 AP in Total Log In On 2 Separate Days (Collect Log-In Bonuses!) Log In On 5 Separate Days (Collect Log-In Bonuses!)

Clearing the newcomer panel gives you a Mirrage Arte select ticket for Slayers characters, making the event even better for new players!

Finally, here's a full timetable of things to keep in mind for this event. It only lasts 10 days after all, before Part 2 starts! There's also a Tales of Legendia co-op event running over the first weekend of the collab, and the Eugene and Mao event will rerun soon as well!

Tales of The Rays x Slayers Crossover Event Start Time End Time
Event Quests November 20th, 14:00 JST November 30th, 10:59 JST
Event Shop November 20th, 14:00 JST December 7th, 10:59 JST
Gacha Banners November 20th 14:00 JST December 10th, 10:59 JST
Gacha Tickets November 20th 14:00 JST December 10th, 23:59 JST
Select Tickets November 20th 14:00 JST December 10th, 23:59 JST
Legendia Co-op Event November 20th, 20:00 JST November 22nd, 19:59 JST
Eugene and Mao Event Rerun November 23rd, 14:00 JST To Be Announced

We hope the information above is straightforward enough to help players through the Slayers Event. Even if you're not familiar with Slayers, all four characters are fun to play, useful and strong. I suggest trying to get their Mirrage Artes and 5*s to help you through tougher content down the line such as the All-Out Tower! If there's any unclear info, leave a comment here, on our social media or visit our discord. And without further ado, here are our Arte and Costume previews for each character!

Lina Inverse

Here's the full strong animation for Drag Slave complete with iconic incantation, as well as a good look at Lina's Volume 16 costume!

Gourry Gabriev

Gourry looks a lot like a certain Tales swordsman, and has similar attacks to many existing Tales Artes as well. Rest assured it's all completely coincidental, but said coincidence is one of the reasons this is such a fitting collaboration!

Zelgadiss Graywords

If Zelgadiss sounds familiar to you, it's because he's voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa, who voiced our very own Leon Magnus! He also has hair over one eye, similar clothing and his cutscene portrait in Rays is the same exact pose. Another string of coincidences that makes this a great choice to collab with, as you can actually put him on a team with Leon! He uses a combination of swordplay and spells, so it's your choice what role he plays in the party.

Amelia Wil Tesla Sailune

Not only is Amelia an active seeker of Justice, she also fights using her bare hands. No wonder Farah will get her costume in part 2...

That's it for part 1 of this event. It may seem weird to have an article that covers almost no actual Tales content, but that's really how the event is in Rays, which *is* a Tales game! We hope this event gets Slayers fans interested in playing Tales of The Rays (or perhaps, Tales fans interested in Slayers?) If anything is unclear, then the offer to leave a comment or visit our discord is repeated. Otherwise, stay tuned for more news. We're still working on our Version 4 overview, and the second part of the event focused on Tales characters will come on the 30th and extend into December. Until then, see you around!

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