Tales of Crestoria: Alisha and Raven Summons

Alisha and Raven Premium Summons

The latest Premium Summons in Tales of Crestoria features SSR memoria stones for Alisha from Tales of Zestiria and Raven from Tales of Vesperia! The memoria stones are named "Alisha [A Midday Respite]" and "Raven [Nocked and Ready]." Like other summons, a 10x summon (costing 2,500 gleamstones) will guarantee at least one SR memoria stone. If you receive either of these memoria stones from the summons, the featured character will also join your team as a playable character. Both Alisha and Raven already have SR memoria stones (from the raid medal exchange and the A Green and Swarmy Night event respectively), but this is the first time either has appeared as a playable character. With the addition of Alisha, all of the playable characters from Tales of Zestiria are now available to play in Tales of Crestoria!

Alisha [A Midday Respite]

The Alisha [A Midday Respite] memoria stone has a maximum HP of 9,000, a max ATK of 1,600, and max DEF of 1,000. Her maxed out memoria skill is Assault VI (Light), which increases the OL Gauge of light allies by 80 at the start of battle— a really useful skill for getting your mystic artes ready early! Alisha herself has a maximum HP of 27,000, max ATK of 3,000, and max DEF of 2,750 at level 100. Her awakened character skill is called "Taste and Propriety" and provides a 9% ATK boost to all allies alongside a +20 increase to the OL gauge of spear-type allies when an enemy breaks. Her artes are Sparrow Jive (ATK 170%, 5 hits, 1 enemy, increase own ATK by 10% for 2 turns) and Rondo of Light (ATK 150%, 2 hits, 2+ enemies in area of effect). Her mystic arte is Light Blast (ATK 280%, 20 hits, 1 enemy). The art for both the character and memoria stone features Alisha reading in a garden with tea, treats, and a pile of books. It is a very peaceful and relaxing scene.

Raven [Nocked and Ready]

The Raven [Nocked and Ready] memoria stone has a maximum HP of 8,200, a max ATK of 880, and max DEF of 1,800. His maxed out memoria skill is Tech VI (Wind), which gives an 18% crit rate increase to all wind allies. Raven himself has a maximum HP of 23,000, max ATK of 2,250, and max DEF of 3,800 at level 100. His awakened character skill is called "Take Aim" and provides a 7% DEF boost to all allies alongside a 10% ATK boost to all allies at 20 hits. His artes are Azure Heavens (100% ATK, 9 hits, 2+ enemies in area of effect) and Tempest (90% ATK, 9 hits, all enemies). His mystic arte is Blast Heart (ATK 320%, 18 hits, 1 enemy). Raven's art for both the character and memoria stone shows him leaping through the sky while aiming his bow. He actually looks pretty cool!

This Summon will run for two weeks from Monday, November 16th, at 2:00am EST to Monday, November 30th, at 1:59am EST. Good luck!

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